Campus 2020-2021 Guide

Important Campus COVID-19 Safety Updates

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Current Operational Level: Green – effective 4/20 -4/27

  • Administrative meetings of staff and faculty are remote only.
  • Employees maintain a mix of in-person and remote work; staggered schedules to reduce density.
  • Only one visitor is allowed in any residential space.
  • If eating in a dorm room, only one other person can be present.
  • Student Organization Meetings and Gatherings: Remote preferred; can gather in-person if fewer than 10 people, with social distancing, NO FOOD OR DRINK.
  • Rehearsals based on prof. org. best practices. Performances digital or for on-campus audiences only, outdoors only
  • Classes are meeting in a mix of in-person, hybrid, and remote modes
  • Dining to go and in-person (Lowry seating capacity may be reduced)
  • Masks required
  • Visitors only for admissions or for interviews and other critical campus operations (must do symptom screen before and report any symptoms/test results that occur for up to 14 days after visit.)
  • Common rooms and shared kitchens can be used by those living in nearby dorm rooms, with social distancing and masks
  • Limited campus-sponsored travel; Students may go into the City of Wooster (with masks and 6ft distancing) for work, medical care, and food needs may use the Bus. No overnight travel except by special permission of the Dean of Students’ Office at
  • Students may only get takeout from restaurants; no eating at restaurants or going to bars.
  • Scot Center is open to the campus only, with six feet distancing and masks required.
  • Libraries are open to campus only, with six feet distancing and masks required. Materials returned will be “quarantined” for 3-days before recirculating.
  • Athletic practices per NCAA guidelines; competition possible with peers who have similar testing and other protective protocols. Limited spectators may be permitted.
  • Testing for COVID-19 is required weekly for all students.

The COVID pandemic is an evolving situation. The College has worked with local, state and national public health advisors to develop guidelines for how we would modify operations if campus or community conditions required us to do so.  Because each situation is unique, our actions will always be tailored to the specific situation and current expert public health guidance.  We share this framework to provide a sense for the community of the factors influencing decisions and the types of operational changes for which we are prepared, if necessary.  The current operating level will always be publicly available on the website.

View our Campus Operational Levels 

Click here for our current Residential Visitor Policy.

Scot Daily Health Check

All students, faculty and staff are required to complete the Scots Daily Health Check. Click here to learn more about the Scots Daily Health Check and how it works.

View our COVID-19 Dashboard

View our COVID-19 Dashboard for new data released weekly on the health of campus and conditions in Wayne County. 

Where do faculty and staff report COVID exposure or a positive COVID test taken off campus?

If you are a member of the faculty or staff at The College of Wooster and have been exposed to COVID or have received a positive test result from testing off-campus, please fill out this form. Your results will be forwarded to Wooster’s testing team. If your results are negative you do not need to take any further action beyond completing the form. If your results are positive, someone from Contact Tracing will be in touch to discuss next steps. 

Learn More About the Wooster Plus Program

Learn more about the new Wooster Plus Program, which creates flexibility for students by providing the opportunity to complete their studies at Wooster in a ninth or tenth semester, tuition free.

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