Working Groups

I.  Mission

Steering Committee Lead:  Hank Kreuzman
Liaisons:  Gary Gillund, Ellen Falduto

  • Cathy Finks, Senior Associate Director of Admissions
  • Travis Foster, Assistant Professor of English
  • Alison Schmidt ’75, Associate Professor of Education
  • Moses Jones-Lewis, Director of Development
  • Mike Nienaber ’05,  Supervisor in Security and Protective Services
  • Molly McCartt,  class of 2014

II.  Ethical & Responsible Conduct

Steering Committee Lead:  Joe Kirk
Liaisons:  Ellen Falduto, Gary Gillund

  • Denise Bostdorff, Professor of Communication
  • Mary Schantz ’04,  Director of User Services/IT
  • Reggie Williams ’63, Trustee
  • Chuck Kammer, Professor of Religious Studies
  • Christine Goglia, class of 2014
  • Kurt Holmes, Dean of Students

III.  Educational Programs: Quality, Resources & Support

Steering Committee Lead:  Brenda Meese ’75
Liaisons:  Gary Gillund, Anne Nurse

  • Jessica Armstrong, Executive Assistant to the VP for Development
  • Heather Fitz Gibbon, Dean for Faculty Development, Professor of Sociology
  • Rachel Messenger, Assistant Director of Student Activities
  • Shelley Judge, Assistant Professor of Geology
  • Dylan Jurcik ’14

IV.  Academic Programs: Evaluation & Improvement

Steering Committee Lead:  Megan Wereley ’94
Liaisons:  Anne Nurse, Gary Gillund

  • Theresa Ford, Director of Educational Assessment
  • Dean Fraga, Professor of Biology
  • Katie Holt, Associate Professor of History
  • Amber Larson, Assistant Director of the Learning Center
  • Mark Gooch ’90, Technology and Government Information Librarian

V: Resources & Planning

Steering Committee Lead:  Becky Schmidt
Liaisons:  Ellen Falduto, Anne Nurse

  • Jackie Hamilton, Employment Manager, Human Resources
  • Jim Hartman, Professor of Mathematics
  • Teresa Prendergast, Associate Professor of English
  • John Sell, Director of College Investment, Professor of Business Economics

VI. [Federal] Compliance (including title IV, IX, II)

Steering Committee Lead:  Ellen Falduto

  • David Miller, Director of Financial Aid
  • Paul Seling ’09, Transcript Coordinator, Registrar’s Office
  • Gloria Wilson ’78, Assistant Controller
  • Tabitha Conwell, Director of Applications Development