2014 HLC Share Fair

Anne Nurse and Gary Gillund represented Wooster at HLC’s 2014 Accreditation Share Fair (April 12, 2014) in Chicago.  Using iPads, they demonstrated our all-electronic self-study and resource room, shared our criterion “grid” system, illustrated our steering committee and working group structure from a “thinking about who should be involved in your self-study” perspective, and encouraged those beginning the self-study process to “ask us about…”   And if one “asked us about…” one received a Tootsie Roll.

Our “Ask Us How We Did It” poster series

Steering Committee & Working Group “Structure”

Criteria Grid Examples:

Community Meetings PR

Read-In Materials

  • Poster
  • Sample Read-In response form

The Words of Our Self-Study (Wordle)

Contact Us:

Gary Gillund, Associate Professor of Psychology
Anne Nurse, Professor of Sociology & Anthropology
Ellen Falduto, Chief Information & Planning Officer