What comes next?

What Comes Next?

We design and undertake a Quality Initiative project. HLC peer reviewers approve an initial project proposal, as well as a report on the outcomes of the project.  The project occurs any time within years five to nine of the 10 year continuing accreditation cycle, though it is probably best that the project occur during years six and seven so that a report on the project can be completed and submitted to HLC and the outcomes from the project incorporated in the evidence for the 2022-23 “Assurance Review” (aka: self-study).

What is a Quality Initiative Project?

The Quality Initiative (QI) should suit the institution’s present concerns or aspirations. It can be something we are already pursuing (for example, an assessment-related initiative) or a new project.  The HLC’s criteria for QI projects are that the project:  has the potential for “significant” impact on an institution and its academic quality, aligns with the institution’s mission, is connected with the institution’s planning processes, is significant and relevant at the time, and that the institution pursues the QI with “genuine effort.”  Taking risks with their projects is affirmed by the fact that QI falls entirely outside the Assurance Process, so it is perfectly acceptable for the initiative to fail provided the institution learns from the failure.