June 1, 2023 Update

The HLC visiting team was on campus April 17-18, 2023. Our thanks to everyone who met with them or assisted in the logistics of their visit.   We have received the team’s final report and recommendations as they submitted it to the HLC.  Members of the campus community can view the report here (login required; it is not available for download).

The team’s overall recommendation is that we meet HLC’s criteria “with concerns” and to reaffirm our accreditation through 2032-2033.  

The “concerns” relate solely our progress in assessment of general education and co-curricular learning (HLC’s criterion 4.B), which we acknowledged in the self-study.   The team has recommended that the HLC require that we submit a progress report in August 2025.   

We meet all other criteria and the Federal Compliance standard without issue.   

The final decision on the team’s recommendations rests with the HLC’s Institutional Actions Council which reviews the report, information provided by our accreditation officer, and any information we may provide in response to the final report.  That meeting will be July 17-18, 2023. 

As you read the report, remember that what is reflected in it is a combination of the information and evidence an institution provides in its Assurance Argument and what the Team takes away from its meetings on a campus. A team’s final report might not always incorporate all “errors of fact” corrections submitted by an institution; this was the case for us.  Also, some sections of the report include calculations or analyses performed by the reviewers which we may not have been able to verify (we requested that they indicate that they made these calculations or analyses in the report, but they did not). Team reviewers may also make suggestions as to things we could do – such suggestions are just that: we choose how the reviewers’ ideas influence what we do.