Our HLC Timeline

updated 02-02-2023

Spring/Summer 2022


Prepare for Self-Study; organize steering committee; form working groups; brief Cabinet on process; get information and communication resources in place

February 2022


Steering Committee & working groups begin meetings

Summer 2022


Student summer research assistants. Cabinet requested to review and assure we meet the HLC’s Assumed Practices

Fall 2022

Focused evidence gathering & assessment

Regular meetings of working groups and steering committee Checkpoints/deliverables from Working Groups & Progress Assessment Draft working group reports and evidence due at the end of the semester (December 20,2022)

end Fall term-beginning Spring term (4 weeks +/-)

First drafts, fill holes…

Self-study co-chairs prepare draft #1 of self-study; criteria sections shared with Steering Committee as drafts complete


Iterative revisions & reviews

Drafting, reviews, re-drafting, circulating drafts to Cabinet, governance groups.

Revisions as necessary by co-chairs, Steering Committee

February 6-15

Student input direct to HLC

HLC conducts student opinion survey

Late February 2023

“Read In” returns!

Sponsor campus reading sessions (various formats depending on audience) Draft available to trustees.

on or before March 20, 2023

Heads down work…

Finalize Assurance Argument (self-study) report & Federal Compliance review and submit to HLC

April 17-19, 2023

Team visits!

Peer Review: visiting team comes to campus

Summer 2023

We hear from HLC

HLC Review of visiting team report and recommendation on accreditation status and follow-up, if any