Religious Holidays Calendar

Below is a list of cultural, religious, and spiritual celebrations/observances that are most prominent in the lives of students, faculty, and staff at the College of Wooster community. These three-year outlooks are not exhaustive, but meant to be a resource for those planning classes and programs, so that our values for diversity, equity, and inclusion can be reflected in our practices. By providing this resource, we hope to better highlight, uplift, and affirm the traditions and holy days that are most meaningful, and provide opportunities for education and community-building across lines of difference.

* = Indicates observance usually begins at sundown on that day

** = Local/regional or lunar sightings may impact observance

Mary, Mother of God Holy DayChristianJan. 1Jan. 1Jan. 1
Shogatsu / Gantan-saiShintoJan. 1Jan. 1Jan. 1
Epiphany / Theophany / Día de los Reyes (Three Kings Day)ChristianJan. 6Jan. 6Jan. 6
Orthodox ChristmasOrthodox ChristianJan. 7Jan. 7Jan. 7
Maghi-LohriSikhJan. 13Jan. 13Jan. 13
Maker SankrantiHinduJan. 14Jan. 14Jan. 14
TimkatEthiopian ChristianJan. 19Jan. 19Jan. 19
Birth of Guru Gobind Singh Ji GurpurabSikhJan. 20Jan. 9Jan. 5
Tu B’ShvatJewishJan. 27*-28Jan. 16*-17Feb. 5*-6
Imbolc / St. Brigid’s Day**Wiccan/PaganFeb. 1*-2Feb. 1*-2Feb. 1*-2
SetsebunShintoFeb. 3Feb. 3Feb. 3
Lunar New YearEast Asian; Buddhist, Confucian, TaoistFeb. 12Feb. 1Jan. 22
Nirvana Day**BuddhistFeb. 15Feb. 15Feb. 15
Vasant Panchami (Saraswati Puja)Hindu, Jain, SikhFeb. 16Feb. 4Jan. 26
Ash Wednesday (Lent begins)ChristianFeb. 17Mar. 2Feb. 22
PurimJewishFeb. 25*-26Mar. 16*-17Mar. 6*-7
Magha PujaBuddhistFeb. 26Feb. 16Mar. 6
Lailat al-Mi’rajIslamicMar. 10*-11Feb. 28*-Mar. 1Feb. 17*-18
Maha ShivratriHinduMar. 11Mar. 1Feb. 18
Clean Monday (Great Lent begins)Orthodox ChristianMar. 15Mar. 7Feb. 27
Naw-Rúz / Nowruz (Persian New Year)Bahá’í, ZoroastrianMar. 19*-20Mar. 19*-20Mar. 19*-20
Ostara (Spring Equinox)Wiccan/PaganMar. 19*-20Mar. 19*-20Mar. 19*-20
Passover / Pesach (begins)JewishMar. 27*-Apr. 4Apr. 15*-23Apr. 5*-13
Khordad Sal (Birth of Prophet Zaranthushtra)ZoroastrianMar. 28Mar. 28Mar. 28
Palm Sunday (Holy Week begins)ChristianMar. 28Apr. 10Apr. 2
Lailat al Bara’ahIslamicMar. 28*-29Mar. 18*-19Mar. 7*-8
Holi – Gaura PurnimaHinduMar. 29Mar. 18Mar. 8
Hola MohallaSikhMar. 29-31Mar. 18-20Mar. 8-10
Holy / Maundy ThursdayChristianApr. 1Apr. 14Apr. 6
Good FridayChristianApr. 2Apr. 15Apr. 7
Holy Saturday / Easter VigilChristianApr. 3Apr. 16Apr. 8
Easter**ChristianApr. 4Apr. 17Apr. 9
Buddha Day**East Asian/BuddhistApr. 8Apr. 8Apr. 8
Yom ha-ShoahJewishApr. 8*-9Apr. 27*-28Apr. 17*-18
Ramadan (begins)IslamicApr. 12*-May 11Apr. 2*-May 3Mar. 22*-Apr. 20
Chaitra NavratriHinduApr. 13-22Apr. 2-11Mar. 22-31
Vaisakhi (Birth of the Khalsa Panth)SikhApr. 14Apr. 14Apr. 14
Guru Angad Dev Ji Gurpurab (Birthday)SikhApr. 18Apr. 18Apr. 18
Festival of Ridván (1st, 9th, 12th days are holiest)Bahá’íApr. 19*-May 1Apr. 18*-May 1Apr. 20*-May 2
Rama NavamiHinduApr. 21Apr. 10Mar. 30
Mahavir Jayanti KalyakJainApr. 25Apr. 4Apr. 21
Holy ThursdayOrthodox ChristianApr. 29Apr. 21Apr. 13
Holy FridayOrthodox ChristianApr. 30Apr. 22Apr. 14
Beltane**Wiccan/PaganApr. 30*-May 1Apr. 30*-May 1Apr. 30*-May 1
Holy SaturdayOrthodox ChristianMay 1Apr. 23Apr. 15
Orthodox Easter / PaschaOrthodox ChristianMay 2Apr. 24Apr. 16
Laila al-QadrIslamicMay 7*-8Apr. 27*-28Apr. 16*-17
Eid al Fitar (Ramadan ends)IslamicMay 12*-13May 2*-3Apr. 21*-22
Ascension of the LordChristianMay 13May 26May 18
Akshaya TritiyaHinduMay 14May 3Apr. 23
ShavoutJewishMay 16*-18June 4*-6May 25*-27
PentecostChristianMay 23June 5May 28
Declaration of BábBahá’íMay 23May 23May 23
Marasinha JayantiHinduMay 26May 14May 4
Ascension of Bahá’u’lláhBahá’íMay 28May 28May 28
Martyrdom of Guru ArJan. Dev SahibSikhJune 16June 16June 16
Pentecost (Orthodox)Orthodox ChristianJune 20June 12June 4
World Humanist DayHumanist, SecularistJune 21June 21June 21
Litha (Summer Solstice)**Wiccan/PaganJune 21*-22June 21*-22June 21*-22
Martyrdom of BábBahá’íJuly 9July 9July 9
Eid al AdhaIslamicJuly 19*-20July 9*-10June 28*-29
Asalha Puja DayBuddhistJuly 24July 13July 3
Pioneer DayLatter-day Saints/MormonJuly 24July 24July 24
Lughnassad**Wiccan/PaganJuly 31*-Aug. 1July 31*-Aug. 1July 31*-Aug. 1
Al-HijraIslamicAug. 9*-10July 29*-30July 18*-19
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryCatholic/Orthodox ChristianAug. 15Aug. 15Aug. 15
AshuraIslamicAug. 18*-19Aug. 7*-8July 27*-28
Krishna JanmashtamiHinduAug. 30Aug. 18Sept. 6
Paryushana ParvaJainSept. 4Aug. 23Sept. 11
Rosh HashanahJewishSept. 6*-7Sept. 25*-27Sept. 15*-17
Ganesh ChaturhiHinduSept. 10Aug. 31Sept. 19
Ethiopian New YearAfrican Ancestral, RastafarianSept. 11Sept. 11Sept. 12
Yom KippurJewishSept. 15*-16Oct. 4*-5Sept. 24*-25
NavaratriHinduSept. 17-24Sept. 26-Oct. 5Oct. 15-23
SukkotJewishSept. 20*-27Oct. 9*-16Sept. 29*-Oct. 6
Mabon (Fall Solstice)**Wiccan/PaganSept. 21*-23Sept. 21*-23Sept. 21*-23
Shemini Atzeret / Simchat TorahJewishSept. 27*-29Oct. 16*-18Oct. 7*-8
Dasara / DussehraHinduOct. 15Oct. 4Oct. 23
Gurupurab Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Birthday)SikhOct. 20Oct. 20Oct. 20
Karwa ChauthHinduOct. 23*-24Oct. 12*-13Oct. 31*-Nov. 1
Sarad PurnimaHinduOct. 30Oct. 9Oct. 28
Samhaim**Wiccan/PaganOct. 30*-Nov. 1Oct. 30*-Nov. 1Oct. 30*-Nov. 1
All Saints / Souls DayChristianNov. 1-2Nov. 1-2Nov. 1-2
Día de los MuertosLatin American IndigenousNov. 1-2Nov. 1-2Nov. 1-2
DiwaliHindu, SikhNov. 4Oct. 24Nov. 12
Birth of BábBahá’íNov. 6Oct. 26Oct. 16
Birth of Bahá’u’lláhBahá’íNov. 7Oct. 27Oct. 17
Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur SahibSikhNov. 24Nov. 24Nov. 24
Day of the CovenantBahá’íNov. 25Nov. 25Nov. 25
Ascension of ‘Abud’l-BaháBahá’íNov. 27Nov. 27Nov. 27
Advent (begins)ChristianNov. 28-Dec. 24Nov. 27-Dec. 24Dec. 3-24
HanukkahJewishNov. 28*-Dec. 6Dec. 18*-26Dec. 7*-15
Bodhi Day (Rohatsu)BuddhistDec. 8Dec. 8Dec. 8
Immaculate ConceptionCatholic ChristianDec. 8Dec. 8Dec. 8
Día de la Virgen de GuadalupeLatin American Indigenous, Hispanic ChristianDec. 12Dec. 12Dec. 12
Gita JayantiHinduDec. 14Dec. 3Dec. 22
Posadas NavidenasLatin American/Hispanic ChristianDec. 16-25Dec. 16-25Dec. 16-25
Yule (Winter Solstice)Wiccan/PaganDec. 20*-Jan. 1Dec. 20*-Jan. 1Dec. 20*-Jan. 1
ChristmasChristianDec. 24*-25Dec. 24*-25Dec. 24*-25
Zarathosht Diso (Death of Prophet Zarathustra)ZoroastrianDec. 26Dec. 26Dec. 26
KwanzaaAfrican AncestralDec. 26-Jan. 1Dec. 26-Jan. 1Dec. 26-Jan. 1

If there are holidays, celebrations, or observances not listed here that should be added, please contact