Programs & Services

Religious & Spiritual Life sponsors and organizes a myriad of programs that explore and nurture religious and spiritual life at the College of Wooster

Academy of Religion

The annual Academy of Religion is a lecture series that takes a multi-faith approach to a particular religious topic or theme, over a series of weekly lectures that are Free and Open to the public. These lectures are meant to engage both the campus and larger Wooster community, and are organized by the Religious Studies faculty with support from the Chaplain.

For Fall 2021, lectures will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 15th from 7:30-9:30pm at First Presbyterian Church (621 College Ave. in Wooster) in Bruch Hall. Masks and social distancing are strongly advised.


Baccalaureate is an annual multi-faith celebration that takes place as part of the Commencement exercises. Traditionally held in McGaw Chapel, family and friends of graduating Seniors, as well as the entire College of Wooster community, are invited to attend.

Members of the graduating class plan and participate in this multi-faith service that reflects broad themes of their shared time and experiences at Wooster. They strive to make the occasion accessible to persons of all faiths by incorporating prayers from several world religions.

Chats with the Chaplain

Mindful Minutes

Pre-Ministry Support

The College of Wooster has a long history of preparing individuals for the ministry, both lay and ordained.

In today’s multi-faith and complex world, the process of discerning a call to ministry takes a village. Ministry takes many forms and the pre-ministry community has included persons considering non-profit management, parish ministry, social work, chaplaincy, or Ph.D. study.

Students considering ministry are invited to meet with Dr. Chan Sok Park or Chaplain Erin Guzmán to learn about resources available for visiting Seminaries or Divinity schools and tips for exploring a vocation for professional ministry.

Pastoral Care & Spiritual Direction

The Religious & Spiritual Life staff is committed to the development of individual and small group relationships that provide spiritual companionship and an opportunity to explore life concerns through a religious and spiritual framework. Conversation topics typically involve peer or family relationships, theological and scriptural questions, gender identity, vocational discernment, or pre-ministry exploration. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome.

Transportation for Worship

A wide range of faith traditions are represented in the Wooster area; visit our Places of Worship Directory for a guide.

We recognize that students may want to join a community of faith that is not available in the City of Wooster. If that is the case, Religious & Spiritual Life will assist and support students who wish to travel to the closest worshiping community in the area.

Please contact us for more details as each plan is set up to meet your individual situation.

Worthy Questions

“Asking Questions Worthy of the Person You Can Become”

Worthy Questions is an intergenerational mentoring program that helps College of Wooster students explore important life questions. The program is sponsored by Religious & Spiritual Life, but is not affiliated with a particular religious tradition. Participants apply to participate in the program each Fall, and are on-boarded each January before engaging in regular small and large group meetings. Worthy Questions students (Questers) and their Mentors are committed to supporting and learning from each other as they seek to investigate and integrate values, beliefs, and decision-making in the personal, professional, and spiritual dimensions of their lives. This group gathers Tuesday nights from 7:00-8:30pm.

If you are interested in applying in the next recruitment cycle, contact Chaplain Erin Guzmán.

Zen Meditation

The practice of weekly meditation led by community member and Zen teacher Steve Berg (Kogetsu Osho.) Participants begin to discover the underlying stillness and vibrant clarity of the mind, sharpening insight and deepening wisdom that is the result of regular practice. In addition to meditation, they will explore the fundamental teachings of Buddhism and its insight into our lives today.

This group is open to anyone interested, no experience is necessary, and basic instruction is provided. The group meets in The Babcock Formal Lounge at 5pm on Mondays.