Religious & Spiritual Life provides several spaces on campus for public use. Sacred Spaces are open by request in residence halls for a quiet place to pray and reflect. Westminster Church House is home to Westminster Presbyterian Church and is the site of many campus ministries events. We also connect students with places of worship in the local community.

Map of the current, permanent Sacred Spaces on Wooster’s campus

Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces are open to anyone regardless of religious, secular, or spiritual belief/practice, and are each unique and multifunctional to provide sanctuary for all students. These spaces were created through the generous gifts and support of two of Wooster’s trustees, David Fleming and William Longbrake. They continue to be a fixture of our community’s practice and spiritual exploration today. 

We hope you will find solitude, pray, relax, and engage your personal journey in these spaces. Access to Sacred Spaces is available upon request by contacting Religious & Spiritual Life, or by filling out the Access Request Form HERE.

The Living Room

Located in Babcock Hall 122, the Living Room is a multi faith space designed to encourage spiritual practice and dialogue.

Lowry Chapel – Currently Unavailable due to ceiling repairs

Located on the 3rd floor of McGaw Chapel, is a multi faith space designed to be a place of communal or individual worship and is available for reservation for private events.

Muslim Prayer Rooms

There are two Muslim Prayer spaces on campus: Andrews Hall 110 and Luce Hall 009. The Muslim Prayer rooms are designed to assist in the practice of Salah, the daily ritual of prayers practiced within Islam. Salah is a physical, mental, and spiritual act of worship that is observed five times a day. *Please note: A washing/ablution station is located on the lower level of Luce Hall, across from Room 017.

Prayer Labyrinth

Located outdoors near the Ebert Hall Circle, Prayer labyrinth is designed to assist an individual in a time of meditation and prayer, by guiding them on a path towards the center, mirroring the journey of a pilgrimage.

Solemn Prayer Room

Located in Compton Hall 119, the Solemn Prayer Room is designed to be a place of quiet reflection and solitude. Many religious and spiritual traditions call for times of retreat and separation from the business of our modern world.

Zen Meditation Room

Located in the former Luce Hall Library, the Zen Meditation Room is a space to engage in mindfulness and relaxation. Additionally, the Rock Garden offers a dry landscape of carefully composed rock arrangements meant to aid in meditation.

There are many more scared spots all around campus – from the oak grove (on the north side of Kauke Hall) to the standing stones next to Galpin, to a good conversation shared over a meal in Lowry Center, we hope that you are able to find the sacred in the every day as well.

Westminster Church House

Westminster Church House, located on the corner of College Ave. and Pine St., is home to Westminster Presbyterian Church, congregation-in-residence at the College of Wooster. The Church House is also the site of many campus ministries activities and events. The Meeting Place and the Lounge provide casual and quiet spaces for large groups; Mackey Hall features the capacity for large groups to cook and eat. Members of the college community are welcome to reserve available space. The Church House is also home to the offices of the Ohio Light Opera, the College of Wooster Nursery School. To inquire about use of the Church House, contact Office Administrator Gracie DeLollis.

Places of Worship

A wide range of faith traditions are represented in the Wooster area. Review the full list of places of worship in the Wooster area.

We recognize that students may want to join a community of faith that is not available in the city of Wooster. If that is the case, Religious & Spiritual Life will assist and support students who wish to travel to the closest worshiping community in the area.

Please contact us for more details as each plan is set up to meet your individual situation.