Trans at Wooster

The purpose of this page is to provide basic information, policies, and resources for trans and non-binary students on campus.

Changing Name, Pronoun, and Gender Records

The College of Wooster recognizes that some of its students use a first name that differs from thier legal first name. Because of this, the College allows students to use a first name different than one’s legal first name on certain college records. Learn more about the display name update process and how to add pronouns through self-service here.

Updating COW Card (student ID)

When a student changes their chosen name in the system, they can also change this on their COW Card, or student ID. Additionally, students whose physical appearance has changed significantly from the time that their original ID photo was taken are welcome to request a new photo and ID. This can often be a relevant need for trans and nonbinary students, for students who may have matured a great deal, or for those whose appearance no longer matches that of their photo ID. To request a new ID, students should go to Campus Access, located in Security and Protective Services.


The College of Wooster follows all federal and state civil rights laws banning discrimination in private institutions of higher education. The College takes our policies on non-discrimination, sexual harassment, and other Title IX-related offenses seriously.


The goal of All-Gender Housing is to provide a space for every individual to feels comfortable and safe on our campus. This space provides a supportive community for people of all genders, is queer-focused but not queer-exclusive, and is open to students of all years.


The College of Wooster is committed to ensuring that all students, staff, faculty, and visitors have access to safe, usable restrooms on campus – see our Map of All-Gender Restrooms on the Wooster campus.