Sexuality & Gender Inclusion (SGI) within the Center for Diversity & Inclusion (CDI) at the College of Wooster works with all members of the community to ensure an inclusive and affirming living and learning environment for all gender identities, gender expressions, romantic and sexual orientations.

SGI hosts events and programs to encourage critical thinking about sexuality and gender. We provide support to students, education and training across the community, and assist broadly with policy and procedure.

Get involved or come to a Safe Zone Training.  You can help create a climate free of transphobia, cissexism, homophobia, heterosexism, misogyny, sexism, and be a part of an affirming and inclusive community.

We work closely with all branches within the Center for Diversity & Inclusion, the Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA), the International Student Services (ISS), Religious & Spiritual Life (RSL), and Civic & Social Responsibility (CSR), to provide educational, social, cultural, and academic opportunities. SGI works to address the ways in which sexuality and gender intersect with race, ethnicity, class, nationality, ability, religious, and all identities.

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