Equitable Compensation Project (2016)

The Equitable Compensation Project was developed to explore issues of staff compensation, and to gauge campus climate from a staff perspective. In collaboration with President Nugent, a subgroup of the Staff Committee was formed to facilitate conversations with fellow staff members across campus. The subgroup met with over 400 staff members and this report is a direct result of the information gathered. The information presented here represents campus wide trends.

The Equitable Compensation Project facilitated discussions with over 400 staff members about their compensation. The Staff Committee has developed several principles that are a direct result of those discussions.

The following principles should be used to guide campus policies regarding compensation:

• Efforts should be taken to ensure that transparency and consistency exist in the pay structure and all human resource policies. New policies and changes to policies should be communicated clearly to all staff. Job postings should include anticipated pay grade.

• Pay policies should be consistent for all staff and every department on campus. If shift differentials are to be utilized, they should be applied to all positions that regularly work second or third shifts.

• The College should establish a campus-wide minimum compensation that allows an employee to support oneself. No fulltime position should receive a wage below this minimum. Benefits should be provided in addition to the minimum compensation and should not reduce the amount.

• Staff should have meaningful representation on any committee making compensation, benefit, or strategic planning decisions.

• The College should provide wages which are competitive with similar positions offered by other employers within a search area appropriate for the level of each position. Pay ranges should be reevaluated regularly to ensure that compensation remains competitive.

• Raises should have at least some component that is based on merit. Increases should outpace increases in cost of living and increases in insurance premiums.

• Human Resources will work with supervisors during job offers to avoid wage compression. New hires should not earn wages above those earned by existing staff with similar experience and knowledge.


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