Below is the historic timeline behind the creation of staff committee.


President J. Garber Drushal initiated the Hourly Support Staff Committee (HSSC).  The HSSC consisted of eight voting members who were elected by constituent groups representing specific departments and buildings on campus.


The College approved the addition of two committee members to represent the salaried support staff, and thus the committee was renamed the Support Staff Committee (SSC).


The SSC approved the following amendments:

  • The SSC membership will be based on the staff employee population across four divisions [academic affairs (4 for ~ 210), finance and business (4 for ~ 280), development (1 for ~ 30), president (1 for ~ 40)]. Current members will serve out their elected terms, but will be replaced according to the new comprehensive membership agreement as determined by the Committee.
  • The SSC elected member distinction between the hourly and salaried staff (eight members versus two, respectively) no longer exists. Any non-faculty member of the College’s staff may be elected to the Committee
  • The Support Staff Committee will now be known as The College of Wooster Staff Committee (CWSC) to reflect the new comprehensive nature of Committee membership.
    The CWSC will meet on an informal ad hoc basis with selected members of the Board of Trustees to exchange ideas and discuss concerns of the staff employees.
  • The Vice President for Finance and Business and the Director of Human Resources will serve as ex-officio members of the CWSC to strengthen and maintain a side-by-side partnership between the Committee and College leadership.
  • In conjunction with the President of the College, the CWSC will appoint a chairperson to serve for a one-year term. The appointed chairperson may or may not be an elected CWSC member.

2007 to Present

The CWSC membership added a fifth division in Enrollment (1 for ~ 20).