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Logging in and Finding Your Moodle Course

Logging In

To log in to Moodle:

  1. visit http://moodle.wooster.edu/
  2. click on the Login link in the upper right corner
  3. select the OpenID Connect button
  4. enter your College credentials

Finding Your Courses

Upon login, you will be brought to the Dashboard.

Select the My courses tab.

Courses will be displayed as tiles.

Students can only see courses that have been made visible by the instructor.

You may filter courses by using the pull-down in the Course overview block.

Trouble Shooting

1. Adjust the Course Overview filter

If a course is not visible in the Course Overview, you may need to adjust the filter by clicking on the dropdown menu within the block. It is recommended that you display “All” courses if you are having difficulty finding a course.

The filters In progress, Future, and Past are controlled by the Start date and End date of a course.

  • The Start date is usually the Monday of the first week of the semester (even if the first day of classes is Wednesday, for example)
  • The End date is usually after Final Exams
screenshot of My courses with filter displaying All courses
By clicking on the dropdown menu within the Course Overview block you will be given options of which courses to view.

2. Can you see the course in Self Service?

Check Colleague Self-Service to verify the course and/or student is listed there.

If yes,

  1. Students: see step 3 and find out if the instructor has made the course visible
  2. Wait 24 hours for Moodle to reflect the add from Self Service
  3. If Colleague Self-Service is correct and it has been longer than 24 hours, contact the HelpDesk at X4357 or helpdesk@wooster.edu 

If no, contact the Registrar at X2366 or registrar@wooster.edu

3. Has the course been made visible?

Students: All Moodle courses are hidden by default. Check with your faculty member to see if they are planning on using Moodle and have made the course visible.

Faculty: If you are building your course, have not made the course visible, and have switched your role to “Student,” you will not be able to see the course. Select “Return to my normal role.”

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