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    Senior IS Formatting workshop

    This post is intended to provide guidance and resources for students using Microsoft Word to format their Independent Student thesis document to meet department guidelines. Many of the links below are to LinkedIn Learning video tutorials. Login to LinkedIn Learning using your College credentials. Learn more about LinkedIn Learning. Microsoft Word For additional support using Office […]

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  • ChatGPT – AI and your classroom

    ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that is currently free to use. Created by OpenAI, it was trained using Reinforcement Learning from human Feedback. ChatGPT interacts conversationally, in a dialogue format which makes it possible for the AI to answer questions in a more dialogue and discussion based way. This AI will also admit […]

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  • ChatGPT: A Student Perspective

    ChatGPT: A Student Perspective

    Technology continues to break barriers and among the upcoming trends, ChatGPT is the new technological showstopper! ChatGPT uses natural language processing to emulate human speech in response to prompts. It has a variety of features from generating stories to brainstorming ideas and answering questions. While ChatGPT is known by many through social media or heard […]

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  • Printing Changes Fall 2022/Spring 2023

    Printing Changes Fall 2022/Spring 2023

    Printing as a faculty or staff member Printing overview Wooster has implemented native printing through PaperCut as the primary print method for faculty and staff.  This method will no longer require the PaperCut popup client.  A printer deploy application will be available to assist with the setup of print queues.  Mobility print will allow general […]