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What is Moodle?

Moodle is the College of Wooster’s Learning management System (LMS). This is the site where you will access courses, grades, etc.

Logging in

To login please do the following:

  1. In the upper right corner, select Log in
  2. At the next screen, select the OpenID Connect button
  3. At the Microsoft login screen, enter your College username and password
Using openID Connect to login to your moodle course, it is the button below the traditional login screen.
use OpenID connect below the traditional login screen to login to your Moodle course. You will be unable to login using the username and password options.

Your Dashboard


Your dashboard will come up automatically after you log into Moodle. It will show you the timeline of events coming up (black squirrel doesn’t currently have any assignments coming up!), further down, it will also have your calendar of events! Where you can see all of your upcoming assignments for the month, which you can filter by class specifically, or see all of your upcoming work! 

Clicking on an individual activity on your calendar will give you more information and can even take you directly to it! 

My Courses

To easily navigate between courses, go to the my courses tab at the top of the moodle window. Once you see your courses, you can filter them to get to the courses that you need!

  • All – All courses taken that academic year 
  • In Progress – Any course currently in progress that semester
  • Future – All upcoming courses that have been made visible, but have not started yet
  • Past – Courses that are still visible, but from a previous semester
  • Starred – Courses that you have starred 

It is recommended that you star your courses and filter that way for easy access, in the event that you need your courses after their end date.

Staff and Faculty with Questions can find answers in the Moodle Professional Development course on Training!

Students with questions on how to use Moodle, or other aspects of their Moodle based courses can find that information in the Students Tab of the Moodle Professional Development Course on training!

Not finding the solution you need in our Professional Development course? Ask Educational Technology! They can be contacted at educationaltechnology@wooster.edu or through our you can schedule a meeting with us thorugh Bookings

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