Moodle Lessons Best Practices

The Moodle Lesson activity allows instructors to deliver content in interactive and flexible manners. Lessons can be a linear set of content A lesson can consist of a linear set of content and question pages that guides the student down a specific learning path. Lessons can also present a scenario that branches depending on the student’s responses, and students can repeat the activity to follow all possible paths. Lessons can help to enhance engagement and vary the learning experience.

Why Might You Use a Lesson?

  • Lessons as non-graded activities for formative checks to help with mastery
  • Preparation prior to a lecture or class discussion
  • Orienting students when the instructor is unsure of their level of comprehension
  • Remediation for students who are behind and extension activities for students who are ready to move on to more complex information


The following tips are thanks to Technology Services at Louisiana State University

  • Design the flow of the Lesson activity before building. It is best to design the flow of the lesson on paper or in a separate document before building, rather than having to remember and visualize the navigation as it is built in Moodle.
  • Will the lesson be linear or non-linear? Will students be allowed to go back and revisit pages, and will they only be able to go through the lesson once?
  • Think carefully about how students will engage with the lesson pages. For example, if you plan to have a content page followed by a question about the content, consider choosing a question page and adding the content above the question. This will allow for a better flow of the lesson pages.
  • Include clear instructions for students. Make sure the lesson pages provide the necessary information that a student might need to proceed to the next page.
  • Keep accessibility in mind. Like anywhere else in Moodle, accessibility standards apply for videos, images, and hyperlinks. Text for navigation buttons should be descriptive so that they make sense to a student who uses a screen reader.