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Online File Storage Options

OneDrive and SharePoint

OneDrive for Business is a place for information that is relevant only to you. A feature of OneDrive is file sharing; however, this is not best practice.


SharePoint, also called Sites, is a collaborative website which may include calendars, documents, and discussions.

Work can be shared internally within a department or externally to other departments.

User access can be provided or restricted to the site and its contents.


ImageNow is a document imaging system that captures documents electronically and stores them on a central server. Documents can be annotated, but not altered.

Example: a student’s permanent folder including transcript, petitions, declaration of major, and judicial documents. 


Ours, also called the “O drive,” is the College’s on-site network storage where documents have been stored. The majority of documents will be moved to other storage solutions.

VPN is required for access from off-campus. Mobile devices such as tablets and phones will be unlikely to access these files. 

Comparison of Onedrive/Sharepoint and Ours


Onedrive/ Sharepoint: Anytime, anywhere access via the cloud

Ours: VPN is required for access from off-campus


Onedrive/ Sharepoint: Most mobile devices are supported

Ours: Unlikely

Onedrive/ Sharepoint: Meta-data (tags, categories)

Ours: Folder navigation

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