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Partial and Full Classroom Upgrade Media Setup for Microsoft Teams

Watch a video walk through for full classroom upgrade or partial classroom upgrade

Connecting Your Computer to the New Equipment

1.Bring your own device and power cord (you may need a dongle depending on your device)

Image of a computer hooked up to the new technology with a dongle

2. Power: Plug your device into a power sources or plug a power source into your dongle as pictured above and power ON your device.

3. Projector:

  • Wired: Connect the classroom technology for projection (cable for HDMI, VGA, minidisplay…) and power on the classroom projection system.
  • Wireless: Power on the classroom projection system and connect your device via AirPlay, etc.

4. Camera: Plug the USB cord labeled “Camera USB” into your computer or dongle.

Setting up Microsoft Teams to use the equipment

Choosing your settings before launching your meeting.

1.Once the meeting window has launched click on the gear wheel located under the camera image to alter the camera and sound settings before joining the meeting.

Expanded options using the gear wheel while launching a Teams Meeting
Changing settings once the meeting has started

Once a Teams meeting is in progress follow the following steps to alter your camera and sound settings.

1.Click the 3 dots for More Options

Once a meeting is launched click the 3 dots for more options

2. Click “Device settings”

Device Settings within the 3 dots while in a Teams meeting

4. For “Audio devices,” choose HLD300

5. For “Speaker,” choose Echo Cancelling Speakerphone – HDL300

6. For “Microphone,” choose Echo Cancelling Speakerphone – HDL300

Changing Audio from within a Teams meeting through Device settings menu

7. For “Camera,” choose AT-HDVS-CAM

Changing Camera from within a Teams call through Device settings menu

8. To change the camera view during a Teams meeting, click the camera swap icon in the lower right corner of the Teams meeting window until the desired view is obtained.

Inside the Teams Meeting the camera icon will allow you to toggle back and forth between cameras

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