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Timeline tools

Software tools can assist with creating digital timelines.

PowerPoint, Word, & Excel

Use SmartArt to create a graphic timeline in Word or Powerpoint. See the Microsoft support page for details.

Microsoft offers a variety of templates (both premium paid and free) including timeline templates for PowerPoint and Excel.


Lucidchart is an “intelligent diagramming application.”

The free account provides 3 maps. If you signup with your College email address, you will be awarded a premium license for free.

Higher Education student or professor?

  1. For Higher Education students and professors, select “Sign up free” and create a Lucidchart account with your College email address and a password (not synced with your College password changes).
  2. Lucidchart will recognize your @wooster.edu email address and ask you two questions. Answer educator or student and “Higher education.”
  3. A message will display that you have been upgraded to an EDU free plan.

You can share electronically, use plug-ins to embed in Word, PowerPoint, etc., download a PDF (or other file types).

Resources: Getting Started Guide for Lucidchart.


Canva is an online graphics, poster and media creation software.

The free account allows you unlimited use of the cloud storage, and the ability to collaborate with others in a shared document or team. As well as access to a selection of templates, graphics, photos and more.

When you go to canva for the first time, it should prompt you to sign up, you can choose your sign-up method, and then get started!

Media Use

Keep in mind as you use photos and other graphics to ensure that they are copyright free! Don’t fear, there is a wide range of sources for copyright free media from photos, to sound bites and more.

Project Assistance

You can always find project assistance through the resources in the Knowledge Base, or through Educational Technology’s Digital Media Assistants at the Digital Media Bar!


Explore a tool and share your findings in our collaborative PowerPoint.

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