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iMovie is a digital video editing software program for the Mac and some iOS systems. With iMovie, you can import video from several sources (such as a miniDV tape, VHS recording or DVD) or record directly in iMovie using a Web cam. Once you have imported your video you can trim content, combine clips, insert images, add audio tracks, special effects, and transitions to create a finished movie.

What can it do?

  • Perform basic video edits with a library of special effects and transitions
  • Connect a digital video camera or a Web camera to import video
  • Link with iTunes and iPhoto for easy import of audio tracks and still images
  • Export video in QuickTime files or share directly on websites including Facebook and YouTube
iMovie’s software interface

Uses in a Course

  • Preparation of short clips for streaming or download
  • Editing platform for original student films
  • Digitizing classroom video footage
  • Digital storytelling projects


  • iMovie is available to use on CoRE and Digital Studio Mac desktops in Andrews Library.
  • iMovie comes pre-installed on every Mac.
  • iMovie is available in the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Things to Consider Before Using iMovie

  • iMovie is designed for educational and home users, it doesn’t have advanced featured found in professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere
  • An iMovie project file is not suitable for uploading or streaming, it must be exported as a MP4 or WAV file.
  • Even short films take several gigabytes of storage in the editing process, make sure your computer has enough space.
  • Editing short films is a multi-day process.
  • Additional hardware may be needed for digitizing VHS or DVDs.

Software Support

Additional Help

  • Digital Media Assistants are Educational Technology student employees available for consultations at the Digital Media Bar in Andrews Library CoRE.
  • CoRE Consultants are available to help in the Digital Studio in Andrews Library
  • Educational Technology offers support and training in iMovie
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