Using CDI Spaces

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion is housed in Babcock Hall and manages the reservations for the Babcock Formal Lounge, the Babcock Dining Hall, and the Ground Floor Lounge.

Using the spaces within Babcock Hall:

  • If you are on campus and would like to reserve the Babcock Formal Lounge, the Babcock Kitchen/Dining Room and/or the Lower Level Lounge, please use 25live.
  • For tech, or resource needs, including a projector, additional chairs, etc. please include resource requests in the 25 Live Reservation.
  • NOTE: Your group is responsible for set up and tear down (including moving furniture) in the space.
  • In order to maintain a clean and well-equipped kitchen in Babcock, please reach out to if you intend to use any of the CDI Kitchen Equipment before your event. Otherwise, the cabinets will remained locked.

Sacred Spaces:

Sacred Spaces around campus are available for prayer and reflection. Sacred Spaces are located in four residence halls, and include the Babcock Hall Living Room. 

For more information about using these spaces, contact Erin Guzmán, Campus Chaplain at