International Student Services

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Who Are We?

International Student Services (ISS) supports international students, global nomads, and language assistants as we celebrate their diverse backgrounds and identities on campus and beyond. International Student Services can be contacted at

Jill Munro, Assistant Dean of Students and ISS Director

As the Director of ISS, Jill oversees the ISS Office, acts as the Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) for SEVIS, and works to support students through case management. Jill also:

Jill Munro
  • Supervises Staff and a ISS student intern
  • Is a Care Team Member
  • Serves on Wooster Plus and FEC Loan Committees
  • Is the link between ISS, Dean of Students Office, and other College departments
  • Advises students
  • Coordinates International Student Advisory Committee (ISAC)

Jill can be reached at

Hannah Thomas, ISS Assistant Director

Hannah primarily focuses on programming for International Students, in addition to her work as a Designated School Official (DSO) for SEVIS. Hannah’s work responsibilities also include:

Hannah Thomas
  • Hires and trains International Student Orientation Committee members (ISOCers)
  • Coordinates International Student Orientation (ISO)
  • Programs include:
    • International Education Week (IEW) and Culture Show
    • Friends of International Students (FIS) program
    • Ambassador Program
    • Coat drive
    • Break programming
    • Collaborative programs with CDI and other College entities
  • Works with Residence Life to coordinate Bureau of Motor Vehicle (BMV) shuttles for students to obtain Ohio ID

Hannah can be reached at

Carol Knoble, International Student Coordinator

Carol is a Designated School Official (DSO) and is our resident SEVIS expert. Her responsibilities focus on providing F-1 employment information. Carol’s responsibilities also include:

Carol Knoble
  • Oversight of ISS student lists
  • Creating and updating I20s regarding changes, or return to campus from leave or withdrawal
  • Preparing student employment letters and coordinates Social Security process with Student Employment, shuttles, and local Social Security Office
  • Coordinating CPT and OPT workshops, paperwork and student advising
  • Oversight of Sprintax tax process
  • Advising the International Student Association (ISA)
  • Coordinating the creation of the ISS monthly student emails

Carol can be reached at