International Student Services

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Who Are We?

International Student Services (ISS) supports international students and global nomads as we celebrate their diverse backgrounds and identities on campus and beyond. International Student Services can be contacted at

ISS Staff

Scott Parillo, Director of International Student Services

Scott’s work responsibilities include:

Scott Parillo
  • Advises F-1 international students on status maintenance.
  • Processes important documents for F-1 visa holders
  • Support F-1 international students and global nomads to transition to US and Wooster.
  • Serves on Wooster Plus Committees
  • Hires and trains International Student Orientation Leaders (ISOLs)
  • Coordinates International Student Orientation (ISO)
  • Programs include:
    • International Education Week (IEW) and Culture Show
    • Friends of International Students (FIS) program
    • Ambassador Program
    • Coat drive
    • Break programming
    • Collaborative programs with CDI and other College entities
  • Oversight of Sprintax tax process
  • Coordinating the creation of the ISS monthly student emails
  • Oversight of ISS student lists

Scott can be reached at

ISS Intern Team

The ISS interns are integral to the success and function of the ISS office. These interns are student employee’s. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Management of ISS social media
  • Programming support for ISS
  • Organizational and data management projects
  • Creation of flyers and promotional materials for ISS
  • Additional ISS Support as necessary


International Student Leaders support incoming international students and global nomads in their transition to the College of Wooster Community.

  • Complete an intensive spring training focused on community building and support
  • Contact incoming students throughout the summer
  • Welcome incoming international students
  • Facilitate ISO activities
  • Assist in executing ISO