Events & Recognition

Service Recognition Program

Scope and Criteria

Full time Staff

Service is the length of time an individual has been a continuous full-time employee beginning with the date the employee meets the eligibility criteria of working at least 1,000 hours annually. This date month/year must fall within fifth-year intervals of the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) of the current Recognition Program. For example, an individual hired on August 15 would be recognized following the date of the full fifth fiscal year of service- which would be the sixth year as counted by calendar year.

Service Awards are presented to eligible staff in recognition of length of service. All staff receive recognition for five continuous years of service. Thereafter, the employee receives service awards in five year intervals as eligible service accrues. Human Resources determines which employees will be recognized during any service award year based on the eligible service criteria contained in the official records of the College. Approved sick leave or leave without pay will not be deducted from the total continuous years of service. An eligible employee who terminates employment and returns to a full-time position will have the periods of service combined for a service award only if the break in service is less than one year.

Part time Staff

Part time staff working less than 1000 hours will be verbally recognized at the luncheon.
The Cabinet of the College also commends part time and seasonal employees of the College for their contributions to the operations and program of the College. The service of these staff members is a valuable contribution to the support by all staff members to the educational mission of the College.


Employees whose retirement dates fall within the fiscal year of the Recognition Program and employees whose confirmed retirement dates fall in the two months immediately following the end of the fiscal year will be announced and receive an award at the Program. Depending on the month of retirement, the recognition may be noted in the Program held the following calendar year. For example, an employee retiring in October 2012 would not be recognized until the 2013 Recognition Program.

Departmental Recognition

In addition to the annual Service Recognition Program, departments are encouraged to recognize their staff members receiving service awards or reaching retirement in an appropriate way. Any expenditure of department funds requires the prior approval of the appropriate vice president.