Human Resources Directory

Human Resources 2022 staff
Left to right: Shellie, Erin, Jenn, Gail, Christine, Madison, and Katherine
picture of the Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Gail Phoenix, PhD

Associate Vice President of Human Resources

Phone: 330-263-2016

Picture of the Senior HR Business Partner

Erin Perna

Senior HR Business Partner and Compensation Director

Phone: 330-263-2626

Picture of the HR Business Partner

Shellie Seabolt

HR Business Partner

Phone: 330-263-2609

Picture of the Director of Benefits & HRIS

Jenn Williams

Director of Benefits & HRIS

Phone: 330-287-3023

Picture of the Employment & Benefits Coordinator

Katherine Miller

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Phone: 330-263-2695

Picture of the HR Assistant

Madison Aberegg

Human Resources Generalist  

Phone: 330-263-2234

Picture of the HR Coordinator

Christine Harris

Human Resources Coordinator

Phone: 330-263-2254