Retiree Resources

Below is information and links that may be helpful to current and soon-to-be retirees. 

If you have any questions about retiree benefits, please feel free to contact the Office of Human Resources at 330-263-2526.

Health Plan

Staff members hired on or after March 1, 1994, are not eligible for a continuation of health coverage.  Health coverage may only be continued if the employee’s date of hire was before March 1, 1994, and the employee is age 60 or older, and has been employed for at least 10 years.

Retirees who are eligible for continuation of healthcare coverage and are over age 60, but under age 65, and not eligible for Medicare, may continue the plan in which they were enrolled as an active employee.  Eligible retirees age 65 and over may enroll in the College’s Medicare carve-out plan through Benistar and the College will pay 44% of the premium per month.  A retiree may carry his/her spouse on the same plan (determined by age and Medicare eligibility) with the retiree paying 100% of the spouse’s premium.  The spouse may continue the same plan if the retired staff member dies first.

Retiree Dental & Vision Coverage

If enrolled, coverage ceases on the last day of the month in which the retirement occurs.  Eligible Retirees and spouses enrolled in the Benistar post-65 retiree health plan is eligible for credits for dental and vision expenses. Please submit dental or vision receipts by May 1st to receive your Wellness Credits on your June Benistar bill.  Or, by October 17th to receive credit on your December Benistar bill. Although receipts can be submitted for June or December credit, they can only be applied once per calendar year.

Current rates for retirees (effective January 1, 2023), are as follows:

  • Benistar Retiree 65 and over – $293.06 per month
  • Benistar Retiree Spouse 65 and over – $523.31 per month
  • Anthem Retiree Under 65 – $588.44 per month
  • Anthem Retiree Spouse Under 65 – $723.12 per month

Retirees should contact the Benefits Office at least 30 days before retiring if continuing enrollment in the health benefit.  Otherwise, the health benefit will cease on the date of retirement. If enrollment in the Health Plan is declined at the time of retirement, a retiree will not be eligible to enroll at a later date.

*The College bills pre-65 retirees on a monthly basis for their share of the health insurance premium.  Payments of these bills should be made at the Business Office, with checks made payable to The College of Wooster.  Monthly withdraws from the retirees’ bank account may also be set up through the Business Office. Post-65 retirees are billed directly by Benistar.

Lincoln Life Insurance

Retirees eligible for life insurance during employment will continue to receive a life insurance benefit provided the employee retires no earlier than 60 years of age and has been employed for at least 10 years.  The amount of life insurance will be 25% of the amount in force as an active employee but will not exceed $10,000.  The College assumes the full cost of the coverage.  A conversion option for the amount that has been reduced is available through the insurance company.  Retirees interested in converting the amount that has been reduced to an individual life insurance policy should contact the Benefits Office. 

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