External Employers Community Work Program Resources

The Federal Community Work Program was established in 1995 as a part of the Federal Work-Study Program. The Federal Community Work Program was designed to help improve the quality of life in the greater Wooster Community and Wayne County. Students who participate in this program work with local non-profit organizations in fields such as health, child and adult care, welfare, education, tutoring, and community improvement.

Community Work Program Hiring Guidelines:

  • The student must be a current student at The College of Wooster
  • To participate in the Community Work Program the student must receive Federal Work-Study funding for that academic year.
  • The students will not work when they are scheduled to be in class, including online classes.
  • The student employee will not:
    • displace any employees of the Organization,
    • fill jobs that are vacant because the Organization’s regular employees are on strike,
    • be involved in political activity, including, but not limited to, activity in support of a candidate for election, or
    • be involved in the construction, operation, or maintenance of a facility that is used for instruction that is predominantly devotional or religious, or as a place for religious worship.
  • The student participant cannot exceed the amount of their Federal Work-Study allocation.
  • Because student employment provides students with an opportunity to build professional and technical skills, your student workers should not work unsupervised. Supervisors should regularly monitor the student’s job duties and performance.
  • The student participant cannot exceed 20 hours per week

Resources for Federal Community Work Program Partners:

New Community Partner Request Form

Agreement for Federal Work Study Community Service Program
To become a partner with the College of Wooster’s Federal Community Work Program, an agreement, as well as a job description will need to be completed and emailed to studentjobs@wooster.edu.

The Office of Student Employment will follow up once the agreement has been approved or denied.

Necessary Community Partner Hiring Documents

Community Work Program Hiring Action Form Work Program Agreement
The Community Work Program Hiring Action Form Work Program Agreement must be reviewed, signed, and returned to the Office of Student Employment by the student worker before starting employment.

Community Work Partner Authorization Document
The Community Partner must receive this document from the Office of Student Employment before starting employment.

Handshake – Job Posting Intruction

Handshake Job Postings for external employers

Job postings are through our platform “Wooster Connected”

To post a position:
– Visit https://scotscareerhub.wooster.edu/channels/wooster-connected-opportunities/ and select ‘Feature a Job’
– Follow the instructions to create an account
– Verify your account via email
– Once verified and logged in, select Employer-Profile from the drop-down menu
– Fill in Employer details
– Once Employer details are complete, you will have the option to post a job
– Please select ‘NO’ for the question Do you plan to visit campus?
– Enter all job details
– Please do not select any tags – the staff will select the appropriate tags
– Email Justine Harrison at juharrison@wooster.edu, to advise of job pending review
– Staff will review, post your position, reach out with any questions and confirm.

Handshake Resources
1. How to Post a Job – Handshake Help Center (joinhandshake.com)
2. If there is not an existing company page, the organization will need to create a profile: Getting Started With Handshake: Employers – Handshake Help Center (joinhandshake.com)
3. Handshake has a standard free product that allows you to post jobs, register for events, and register for career fairs.

CWP Time Approval Process


Continuation in the Community Work Program is contingent upon the student participant’s performance. The student can be removed from a particular assignment or from the Organization by The College of Wooster, either on its own initiative or at the request of the Organization at any time during the academic year.

If a student participant fails to meet the guidelines of the program, they can be removed from the program.

Note: It is illegal and unauthorized for a student worker to start work before completing paperwork and receiving all clear-to-work emails from the Office of Student Employment. Violation can result in the ending of the partnership.