Advances for Business Expenses

The College encourages employees who travel regularly to obtain a Purchasing Card to use for College-related travel, which can be arranged through the Manager of Procurement. In rare instances, an employee may need to request a cash advance, prior to the business-related travel. Such advances should be limited. An employee is expected to clear one cash advance before requesting a second one, except in the unusual case of back-to-back travel, where a form cannot be completed between trips.

In the case where a cash advance cannot be avoided, a Cash Advance Request Form should be completed with as much information that can be provided including dates of your trip, the business purpose, individuals included in the trip or a description of the group.  Also include an estimate of the expenses to be covered.  

Return the form signed and approved as needed:

  • Student groups are approved by the Director of Student Activities
  • Athletic groups are approved by the Athletic Director
  • All Others – to be approved by the appropriate Vice President or Provost

Provide supporting documentation for how the cash advance was used and/or return any unused funds within 60 days

Cash Advance Request Form