Student Accounts FAQ

1. How and when do I get a bill?

The Office of Student Accounts prints and mails the initial fall and spring semester invoices in July and December, and then mails the final bill of the academic year in June for students with U.S. addresses. Students with international addresses will receive each bill in their Wooster email account.

For the remaining nine months of the year, the College sends paperless statements to your Wooster email account.  If your family members are assisting you with paying your invoice, please forward your billing statement directly to them. You may also view your account activity on Self-Service through ScotWeb.

2. What if I am unable to pay my bill by the balance due date?

It is important to finalize payment arrangements before classes begin. After classes commence, students become extremely busy with studies and activities leaving very little time to deal with financial matters. Not adhering to the statement due dates (August 10th for Fall and January 10th for Spring) will result in late payment penalty. If the semester fees are not paid in full by the payment due date, a 5% late payment fee, up to $300 maximum, will be assessed each term.

3. What if I do not receive a bill?

If you don’t receive a bill and you believe you should have, you may look on ScotWeb for your current bill. If you can’t find it there, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 330-263-2321, by email at

4. What if I believe my bill is incorrect?

DO NOT WAIT FOR A CORRECTED BILL. We only send updated bills on a monthly basis. While the Business Office creates the billing and manages payments on student accounts, individual charges and/or credits are determined by each department from where the fee originates. Questions about specific charges and/or credits should be directed to the department that generated the charge. (e.g., for Music lessons contact the Music Department, for a Parking fine contact Campus Safety, etc.).  If an adjustment needs to be made, the originating department will notify the Business Office. Updated/adjusted statements can be accessed via Self-Service at any time.

5. What if I have a credit balance?

You may choose to leave a credit balance on your account for future charges or the next semester. However, if you would like the credit balance refunded to you, a request for a refund must be submitted to the Business Office at Refunds are processed twice a week, generally on Tuesday and Thursday. The request for the refund must be received at least 24 hours before refund days. Also, to speed up your refunds, please enter your banking information on ScotWeb in the Student Financial Information section under Accounts Payable – Bank Info, so the refund can be sent to your bank account directly. Otherwise, the campus post office will notify you when a paper check is available for pick-up.

6. May I subtract the Federal Work Study from my Balance Due?

No, Federal Work Study eligibility does not reduce your billed charges and will never appear on a billing statement. If you secure a campus job, you will receive this funding in the form of a payroll transaction, based on the number of hours worked. You can choose to either receive your payroll via direct deposit into your bank account, or you may contact the Payroll Office at to set up payroll deductions, which will result in a credit applied to your student account.

7. What is billed on my Student Account?

Your initial Wooster bill can include charges for Tuition, Housing, Food (Meal Plan), Student Activity Fee, Wellness Center Service Fee, and Tuition Refund Insurance. If you are a returning student with an outstanding balance owed from a prior semester, this will be indicated as such on your Student Account.

Subsequent statements will be sent on a monthly basis (either via e-mail or the U.S. Postal Service) after the start of the semester and can reflect other miscellaneous charges from a number of different offices (Music fees, Library fines, Parking tickets, Bookstore charges, Wellness Center, etc.). Updated/adjusted statements can also be accessed via Self-Service at any time.

8. What are Wooster’s payment options for my Tuition Expenses?

Wooster is committed to providing a high-quality educational experience while meeting personal budgetary demands.  We accept payments by cash, check, money order, wire transfer, electronic check, and debit/credit card. There is a flat fee of $2.01 for electronic checks and a 3.28% service fee for credit/debit card payments (these fees are assessed by a third-party vendor and could be adjusted at any time). Please use this link to view our many payment options.

Information about additional loan options to help cover a remaining balance can be found on the Financial Aid Office’s website:

9. How does the Monthly Payment Plan work?

A monthly payment plan (which is offered through Nelnet, on behalf of the College) allows you to spread the cost of one semester or the full academic year into interest-free, monthly payments. Review the chart below for several Annual (academic year) plan options; please note that enrollment deadlines occur well before the start of classes, so it is important to plan in advance of the start of the semester.

Last day to enrollNumber of paymentsMonths of paymentsPayment date
March 28th12April-March1st
April 8th12April-March10th
May 30th10June-March1st
June 6th10June-March10th
July 30th8August-March1st
August 8th8August-March10th

To learn more about signing up for a Nelnet payment plan please visit our webpage here:  

    You may also contact Nelnet by calling 1-800-609-8056.

10. I am using Nelnet to pay my student bill monthly but have received a bill from Wooster with a balance due.

It might be necessary to review your actual charges and compare that total amount to your planned, budgeted amount with Nelnet. It’s possible you may have underestimated the amount needed to cover the total amount of your bill. Nelnet will create your payment plan solely based on information provided by you; they do not have access to your billing information and the College does not adjust a payment plan based on miscellaneous or additional charges. However, if upon review you find that your budget amount needs to be adjusted, you can log-in to your Nelnet account and make an adjustment. Nelnet will then inform the College of any changes you have made to your budget plan, which will be reflected on your billing statement and the web. Alternatively, you may pay any miscellaneous charges that are not included in your Nelnet budget  directly to the College. These should be paid by the statement due date.

11. Can I cash a personal check on campus?

While there is an ATM on campus and many banks nearby, a student may cash a personal check on campus, in the Business Office, with proper identification. There is a limit of $50.00 per check, per student, per day.

12. What is the charge for a returned check (NSF, Closed Acct, etc.)?

All returned checks will be automatically resubmitted to the bank for a second attempt at processing unless the check has been stamped – “DO NOT DEPOSIT AGAIN.”. If the check still fails to clear, a $25 fee is charged to the student’s account. After two (2) NSF checks, you or your parent will be required to make subsequent payments with cash, cashier’s check, or money order. Also, check-cashing privileges will be revoked.

13. Why do I have a Financial Hold on my account?

Financial holds on registration are placed on your record because you have a past due balance on your student account. If you have a financial hold and need more information, please contact the Student Accounts Office at (330) 263-2321 or If you have questions about your financial aid, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 330-263-2317 or

14. How do I change my address?

Please email Terri Brigham in the Business Office with your address update at or

15. When will my $400 Enrollment Deposit be refunded?

$200 of the enrollment deposit is used to cover orientation expenses. The remaining $200 is held until graduation or withdrawal from the College, less any balance due on your student account. If leaving the College before graduation, the deposit is refunded after completing the online exit interview and other required withdrawal steps in the Dean of Student’s Office.