The Billing Process

How Wooster’s Billing Works

A billing statement for each semester will be mailed about 25 days prior to the August 10th fall semester, and January 10th spring semester payment due dates. For international students, a copy of the bill will be e-mailed to the student’s College of Wooster account. In June the final statement of the academic year will be mailed to the home address for domestic students. Invoices for the other 9 months of the year will be sent to students at their Wooster e-mail address.

  • Merit scholarships will automatically appear on the semester bills.
  • Students anticipating need-based financial aid must submit all required financial aid documentation to the Financial Aid office by June 25 to help assure such aid will be credited on the Fall Semester bill.
  • Any remaining balance on the bills must be paid in full by the semester payment due dates to avoid a 5% late payment fee. Please visit our Tuition Payment Options page for ways to pay the bill.

Late Fees

If the semester fees are not paid in full by the payment due date, a 5% late payment fee, up to $300 maximum, will be assessed each term.

Financial Holds

Those accounts that are not paid in full by the due date will be subject to a Business Office financial hold being placed onto the account. An account with a financial hold may be subject to the following actions:

  • Prevent release of transcripts
  • Withhold diploma upon graduation
  • Prevent registration for the next semester classes
  • Suspend college services and privileges (including access to dining halls)
  • Assign account to a collection agency
  • Report student as delinquent to a credit bureau

The College may take any or all of these actions at its discretion.

In addition, students who have not paid their account in full by the first day of classes may have their course registrations cancelled, and a $200 re-registration fee may be assessed.

Off-Campus Study Program Fees & Billing Information

  • The amount of tuition billed by The College of Wooster for a Wooster-endorsed program will be equal to the tuition portion of Wooster’s comprehensive fee, or the program’s actual charge, if higher. Billed fees for housing, food, and any other non-tuition expenses, when applicable, will be based on the program’s actual charges.
  • Non-tuition expenses may be billed separately from the semester invoice.
  • Pre-session courses and homestay housing options may incur additional fees. These fees may be billed directly to the student by the program.
  • An Off-Campus Study Administrative Fee equal to 1% of Wooster’s comprehensive fee will be assessed to defray the cost of arranging Wooster’s participation in the program, granting course credit for the program, maintaining the student’s registration records, coordinating the billing and payment of fees, and carrying out other administrative tasks related to the program.
  • Payment of all billed fees is due within 30 days of the invoice billing date.
  • For additional information, please visit the Global Engagement webpage:

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