Budget Resources

FY23 Budget Process Information

FY23 Budget Resource Requests

The due date for submission of Capital and Technology Projects to your Cabinet member is 01/14/2022.

Operating budget requests are due by 02/25/2022.

Contacts for quotes and estimates for capital and technology projects:

FY23 Budget Request Submittals

Note: the period for submitting budget requests is closed. Please submit requests or changes to requests directly to your Cabinet member.

This year the Budget Task Force has developed a new ​online process to submit your requests for Capital items, Technology items and Operating Budget requests. The online form will address all three components, which makes your life much simpler, as you can describe all facets of your proposal in one form. You may submit more than one request.

You may download a copy of the form here to preview it before submitting online.

To facilitate review by Cabinet members, you should use the online form for your division, linked here:

  • Academic Affairs (Lisa Perfetti)
  • Advancement (Wayne Webster)
  • Enrollment Management (Jenn Winge)
  • Finance & Business (Jim Prince)
  • Information & Planning (Ellen Falduto)
  • Marketing & Communications (Melissa Anderson)
  • President’s Office (Sarah Bolton)
  • Student Affairs (Myrna Hernández)