Academic Success Abroad

Different countries have different styles of teaching and learning, so it’s safe to assume that academics during your time abroad will be different from what you are used to.

To set yourself up for success, learn about the structure of academics at your host institution ahead of time. Here are some key differences to research about your host country:

  • Instruction Methods: lectures vs. discussions, group vs. independent learning, access to professors
  • Grades: continual assessment vs. one final exam, grading scales
  • Reading Assignments: guided reading assignments vs. bibliographies
  • Class Attendance: required vs. optional
  • Exams: you may need to pre-register to take an exam
  • Spelling: spelling of English words differs by country. Try to adopt the host country’s spelling
  • Classroom etiquette: It may be inappropriate to question/interrupt a professor, eat in class, dress informally, question grades, etc.