Study Abroad Cost, Scholarships & Grants

How much will it cost?

For semester or academic year programs, you will pay Wooster’s tuition and your financial aid will still apply. The biggest differences in cost will be dictated by the cost of living in your host city/country. Each program on our Endorsed Program List will have an estimated cost breakdown to help you in selecting an affordable option. Note: Wooster financial aid does not apply to third-party provider summer programs.

Please see our Billing Policies for more information.

Here is a budget worksheet  to help you plan your budget.

Scholarships & Grants

If you study for a semester or an academic year, all grants and scholarships that you normally receive as part of your financial aid package will still apply to your tuition.

Program providers also will have scholarships available. Please be sure to check your program provider’s website for more detailed information.

Summer Programs

For summer programs, your Wooster financial aid is not available. Please check with your program provider for scholarship opportunities.

TREK Programs

For TREK programs, there will be limited financial aid from The College of Wooster available. These scholarships are typically need based.

Wooster Scholarships

Paul Kendall and Sharon Rives have established the Kendall-Rives Endowed Experiential Learning and Cultural Immersion Fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide students in support of their declared major or Independent Study project with study away or experientially immersive learning opportunities that will diversify their perspectives and broaden their knowledge of the world. Preference will be given to first-generation students from limited-income households for whom this experience would be their first such opportunity.

Non-Wooster Scholarships

There are some additional scholarships available outside of Wooster and your program provider:

General Resources for Study Abroad Funding