Academic Credit

Study abroad will not only help you stay on track for graduation, but it will enhance your degree! Map it out your academic plan at Wooster with the Four-Year Plan Educational Planning form. This helps you visualize what courses you need to graduate as well as how and where study abroad will fit.

For courses taken abroad, you will need to earn a U.S. grade equivalent of “C” or above to earn credit towards your degree. Grades you earn abroad will not factor into your Wooster GPA.

All courses taken abroad at an accredited university or program will be applied as general credits toward graduation. If you need the courses taken abroad to apply in a specific way, you will need to get authorization from the relevant department chair on the “Transferring Academic Credit to Wooster” form. You need one form for each class for which you are seeking approval. Deliver these forms to the Registrar’s office before studying abroad so they are on file when your transcript is received after you study abroad.

Important Note: Most of our study abroad programs use a credit hour system for their courses. A one-credit course at Wooster = 4 credit hours. Some courses abroad may only be worth 3 credit hours (.75 Wooster credits). Plan for this possible discrepancy.

The Study Abroad Course Guide (Coming soon!) shows how courses recently taken abroad have transferred back to Wooster. This guide is not exhaustive and is updated annually.