Get Started

A wide variety of educational experiences in both U.S. and international destinations await! Check them out on our endorsed programs list.

GEO 101 Info Sessions

To get started on the GEO process, come to APEX and meet with the GEO Peer Advisors.

The GEO Peer Advisors will help you understand what it means to study abroad as a Wooster student, help you look through our program options in a meaningful way, and answer questions about the process.

Meet with your Academic Advisor

Your Academic Advisor can help you map out a Four-Year Plan, and together you can decide the best time for you to study abroad and which program(s) will enable you to stay on track for graduation.

Meet with a Global Engagement Office Advisor

Candace and Ebed are the advisors in the Global Engagement Office.

Candace Chenoweth – Director of Global Engagement

Ebed Sulbaran – Associate Director of Global Engagement

Ask a Student!

Returnee students love to chat about their specific study abroad program or about studying abroad in general. Ask GEO staff to be put in contact with a recent returnee.

Designing your Study Abroad Experience

Thinking about what you would like to learn during study abroad is the most important part of designing your experience. Do you want to further your language skills? Do an internship in a health-related field? Take classes with local students?

Think about the lifestyle you want while abroad. Do you want to live with a host family or in a flat with other students? Do you want to experience a bustling metropolitan city or a more traditional rural village? Generate a few ideas before meeting with the GEO Peer Advisors.

To integrate your study abroad experience into your four-year graduation plan, you may need to take a certain class or fulfill a requirement(s) while abroad. GEO is working on a Study Abroad Course Guide that will help you figure out how courses taken abroad will transfer back to Wooster. This is coming soon!

Explore Your Options

To get a better idea of our program options, check them out for yourself on our Endorsed Program List! Our database lists all of our program options and allows you to search by academic interest, language of instruction, location, and more. Each program page will have more details about the program, a breakdown of the estimated costs, a link to the program website, and the GEO application.