TREK (Think, Research, Engage, Know)

Our short-term programs are known as TREKs – Think, Re/search, Engage, Know. TREKs are led by Wooster faculty and vary by theme and location.

Some TREKs are embedded in a semester course at Wooster with the experience abroad taking place during a school break, and some are stand-alone courses where the entire course takes place abroad. The time spent abroad on TREK programs varies from 2-6 weeks, and TREK offerings change each academic year.

Upcoming TREK Program

Here is a list of the current and upcoming TREK programs

Due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some 2020 TREK programs have been postponed, others have been reimagined.
Postponed Programs:

TREK: Documentary Filmmaking and History in Buenos Aires
This program will be offered in 2021!

The National Political Conventions TREK, and Global Social Entrepreneurship TREK will both still run in Summer 2020, but virtually.

Application Process

Before applying to a TREK program, we highly encourage you to meet with the faculty leader. All faculty leaders will host informational sessions one or two semesters before the program starts. Look for posters around campus or follow us on social media to find out when they are happening.

The application for all TREK programs can be found on our list of Endorsed Programs.

Billing and Financial Aid

All TREK program participants pay a discounted tuition rate and a program fee to The College of Wooster. Invoices are usually sent about one month before the start of the program. Please contact the Business Office with questions about payments.

Every TREK budget also includes an estimate of personal funds that will be needed for each student throughout the program. This cost will be for things like airfare (if not included in the program fee), some meals, and incidentals.

We try to make TREK programs as enriching and as affordable as possible. The College of Wooster has limited funds for financial aid, but students with financial need will qualify. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to discuss your options.

TREK Eligibility

Eligibility will vary by TREK program, that is why it is vitally important to attend the info session(s) for the program you are interested, or talk to the faculty leader. Some programs will have pre-requisites, others will not.

In all cases, students must:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher (if your GPA is slightly lower, please contact the faculty leader, exceptions may be made)
  • Maintain good academic and social standing at The College of Wooster