Employment Verification

Employment verification requests for current or former employees of the College of Wooster, are completed by the Office of Human Resources. This service is available to faculty and staff of the college who need to provide employment verification information to a third party, such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness form. For all employment verification that request payroll information, please email payroll@wooster.edu.

Proof of Employment

When required to prove that you are or were an College of Wooster employee, you must give consent to the verifying agency and provide your Social Security number.  The verifier can then obtain your job title, dates of employment, and general description of the jobs performed (active or inactive).

Please note: many agencies obtain a consent form before requesting employment verification information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone who calls get my personal information?

The verifier needs your Social Security number and your consent to receive basic information such as employment period job title, and general description of the jobs performed.

Who can complete my employment verification?

All inquiries from prospective employers concerning employment-related information on
current and former student workers or staff should be directed to Human Resources.

Inquiries concerning current or former faculty members should be made to the Provost’s Office.

What is each department’s contact Information?

Human Resources:
Phone: 330-263-2526
Email: humanresources@wooster.edu

Payroll Department:
Email: payroll@wooster.edu

Provost/ Academic Affairs’:
Academic Affairs Staff

For more information regarding the College of Wooster’s Employment Reference Policy please view page III.8 in the Employee Handbook.