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Remote Participants – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will remote students see the class?

A: In a partially or fully upgraded classroom, remote students can see different views of the classroom by the faculty member changing the camera being used and the camera preset.  Using the links you can find instructions for moving the cameras in fully upgraded classroom and partially upgraded classrooms. For portable classroom setups, move the camera on the tripod.

Q: How will the remote students see the board/screen?

A: The recommendation is to use the Teams whiteboard function for sharing writing.  If you need to share what is written on the board and are in a fully or partially upgraded classroom, select “Camera 1” and select preset “4”.  At that point use the remote control to pan left or right, move up or down, and zoom in and out to find and capture the writing surface.  For a portable classroom setup, move the camera on the tripod and zoom or out using the rocker on the top of the camera.

Q: How will remote students hear questions from the students in the class? 

A: In classrooms that are either fully or partially upgraded, the Nureva HDL300 is a microphone array that will pick up the entire room and transmit that sound through the Teams meeting to the remote participants.  If you request a portable classroom setup, the microphone on the front of the Canon camera will function as the room microphone. View our information on the portable classroom setup for Teams for further information.

Q: How will remote students see my presentation? 

A: It is suggested that you share your presentation by screen sharing through the Teams meeting.  In your Teams meeting, select the share content icon and select the presentation you want to share. See Share content in a meeting in Teams on Microsoft’s support site.  If the class has local participants, make sure to connect to the classroom presentation system.

Q: How do in-room participants see remote participants?

A: By connecting to the classroom presentation equipment, you are able to show your Teams meeting on the projection screen in the room.  With Teams open, the remote participants are shown to the local participants.  If you are having a discussion with both remote and local participants, switch the camera in your Teams meeting to the camera pointing at the classroom “Camera 2” and select an appropriate view of the local participants. The remote participants will see the classroom of students. 

Q: Do I need to use the lapel or handheld microphone when using the portable classroom setup?

A: We encourage you to test the microphone that is on the Canon camera first.  Our testing indicates, in most cases, the microphone on the camera will pick up the faculty member speaking as well as any classroom discussion.  If you do use the lapel or handheld microphone, it disables the on-camera microphone.  View our information on the microphones and when to use them for further instructions.

Q: Where can I learn more about using classroom technology?

A: Instructional videos have been created for using the fully upgraded classroompartially upgraded classroom and the portable classroom.

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