Current Research Positions

Spring Sophomore Research Positions

Current second-semester first years, sophomores, and first-semester juniors are eligible for these positions. Please click on the faculty members name to read a more detailed explanation of the positions. Make sure to include the PIN in your application so you can be considered for the positions that most interest you.

Student Application Form

Project Identification Number (PIN)Faculty Researcher Last NameGeneral Area of ResearchRelated MajorsPrerequisite Classes/Skills Required
1FragaMolecular Evolution and Evolutionary BiochemistryBiology, BCMB, NeurobiologyBIOL 20100 & CHEM 11100 completed
2IsonField Ecology, and Pollination BiologyBiology and Environmental Studies
5EvansPlant biology, Microbiology, and stress response  BCMB, Biology Biology 201 (lecture and lab), Chemistry 112 (lecture and lab)
6ReganShowcasing diversity in science.STEMBIOL111 is helpful for being familiar with the class assignment linked to the project
7ReganComputational BiologyComputer Science, Data Science, Biology, BCMBIndependent coding required, some familiarity with basic cell structure and function ideal.
9WestOxidative Stress, DNA Damage, and MutagenesisBCMB, Biology, ChemistryEnrollment in or prior completion of CHEM 112 and BIOL 201
10LehtinenEcology, Evolution, and Conservation BiologyBiologyIdeally, the applicant should have successfully completed BIOL 202. Desired skills include a good work ethic, organizational ability and a willingness to handle animals (both living and dead).
12BonvalletOrganic ChemistryBCMB, PhysicsA strong applicant will show independence, attention to detail, and good organizational and recordkeeping skills.  Students must follow departmental safety protocols.  Experience with organic chemistry is helpful, but not required.
16MartinOrganic ChemistryChemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyCompletion of CHEM 112 and CHEM 211 is required. The student must be concurrently enrolled in or have already completed CHEM 212. The student researcher should be interested in developing skills in organic synthesis techniques and in oral/written communication.
17SobeckChemistry, Conservation ScienceChemistry, BCMB, Museum StudiesCHEM 111/112 (student may be enrolled in CHEM 112 currently)
18WangHumanities and ArtComparative Literature, History, Chinese and East Asian Studies, Film Studies and Philosophyspecial consideration is given to those familiar with such digital platforms as Moodle, Teams and WordPress, who are bilingual, taking Chinese language or from China, Taiwan or Hong Kong.  
19Pollock & JudgeEarth SciencesEnvironmental Geoscience, Geology(1) interest in Earth Sciences; (2) dependable, responsible, and mature; (3) able to work independently; (4) attention to detail and accuracy; (5) able to teach effectively and with patience; (6) willingness to try new things, embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, and learn from mistakes; (7) previous X-ray safety training and X-ray lab experience preferred; (8) ability to work the number of hours designated for this position
20ChaudharyEnvironmental Economics, and Health EconomicsEconomicsKnowledge of ArcGIS preferred but not required.
23Shaya & HoltDigital History, Local History, and Oral HistoryAllRequired: experience in historical research, strong organizational skills, strong writing skills Preferred: experience in website design, WordPress, oral history, video
24WelschEuropean Empires, Indian Ocean, and French HistoryHistory; French & Francophone StudiesReading knowledge of French preferred
25FrazierData collection and cleaning; statistical analysis/modeling.SDS (or SDS minor)Data 106 required; Data 231 preferred
26GuarneraAlgorithmic Graph TheoryComputer Science; MathematicsCSCI 120; MATH 120; Preferably, MATH 130 or MATH 215, and MATH 223.
27DerderianMuseum ResearchArchaeology, Anthropology, Museum Studies
32LehmanGranular MatterPhysicsPhysics 111
35ManzScience HistoryComputer Science, History, ChemistryDigitizing and enhancing audio files. Transcribing an English conversation.
36ManzNatural SciencePhysics, Math, CS, ChemistryGood/proficient knowledge of LaTeX.
39HerzmannFace Perception and RecognitionCognitive Behavioral Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Psychologyexceptional self-organization, social communication, and time management skills