The Faculty Handbook gathers together essential information for members of the Faculty.  Chapter 1, The Statute of Instruction is a contract between the Faculty and Board of Trustees and explains the duties and rights of the Faculty as defined and adopted by the Board of Trustees after consultation with Faculty.  The remaining Chapters serve primarily as a supplement to the College Catalogue, and handbooks for students (The Scot’s Key) and staff (Staff Handbook).

Last updated: 1/5/2024

In addition to what is noted in the Faculty Handbook, as employees of the College, Faculty are required to abide by College-wide policies, including those outlined in the Staff Handbook that apply to all employees (such as the prohibition of discrimination and harassment, the College’s Firearms policy, Pets on Campus policy, etc.) and are eligible for “Staff Benefits” (such as healthcare benefits, domestic partner eligibility, and workers compensation). These may be found on the Human Resources’ College of Wooster Policies & Procedures website. Should questions arise about how particular policies apply to Faculty, Faculty should bring questions to the Dean for Faculty Development, who will consult with the Provost and Human Resources, as necessary.

In addition, because Library Faculty, the Registrar, and Academic Deans work schedules differ from most other Faculty, some policies in the Staff Handbook will be more applicable, particularly those in the “Leave and Absences from Work” section (including Paid Holiday, Vacation, and Sick Leave). Should questions arise regarding discrepancies between the Faculty Handbook and Staff Handbook, Library Faculty should bring them to the attention of the Librarian of the College for clarification, who will consult with the Dean for Faculty Development, Provost, and Human Resources, as necessary. For Library Faculty teaching credit-bearing courses, all policies related to teaching in the Faculty Handbook apply. The Registrar and Academic Deans should bring questions to the Provost.

The Faculty Handbook is publicly available on the Academic Affairs “Inside” website and is updated annually: https://inside.wooster.edu/academic-affairs/resources/handbook/. Updates for future editions of the Faculty Handbook and any corrections to the current version should be submitted to the Dean for Faculty Development.