Delinquent Account Letter

Dear ,

We are writing to remind you of the College’s policy regarding eligibility for participation in registration for next semester. To be permitted on-line registration access for 2022 Fall Semester courses, your Spring Semester balance must be paid in full. Please make arrangements to have the balance due on your student account paid by April 10th.

Registration for the class of 2024 is scheduled for April 11 – 13. Your balance due is $ You may view your account detail in Self-Service at this link: If your financial circumstances have changed or you wish to seek additional resources to pay this bill, please reach out to the Financial Aid Office at They will guide you through any available alternatives, keeping in mind that it’s possible you may have received the maximum amount of available financial aid. If you have received the maximum financial aid available, please plan to make a payment as soon as possible to register.

Payment may be made by credit/debit card, or electronic check on The College of Wooster website at the link below:

We are proud to have you as part of our vibrant campus community, and we look forward to receiving your prompt payment so you can register for next semester’s classes.


The Student Accounts Office
The College of Wooster