Readmission Materials

The readmission deadline is now on a rolling basis – final deadlines are listed below.

An Application for Readmission to The College of Wooster must be completed by all persons who withdrew or involuntarily withdraw from The College of Wooster and who wish to be considered for readmission. Students are encouraged to start the process as soon as possible after the dates of April 1 for Fall semester and October 1 for Spring semester. Applicants for readmission must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Readmission Application  – including all attachments, will be received on a rolling basis until August 1 for Semester I (Fall) and November 1 for Semester II (Spring). Please note incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  2. Address any holds that may have been placed on their student record or account by contacting the appropriate office(s) (for example, the Business Office, Office of the Dean of Students, Registrar).

Please read the instructions carefully and answer all questions. Additional information about readmission can be found in the Scot’s Key . If readmitted to The College of Wooster, you should understand that you are bound by the provisions listed in the Scot’s Key. For involuntary withdrawals, submit any additional required information as outlined in the official withdrawal letter.

In addition to the application, the following items are required for your application to be considered:

All withdrawn students:

  • Deposit for $300 (online or via check payable to The College of Wooster)
  • Personal Statement

Required for students who took classes at another institution while away:

  • Faculty Reference  (from a faculty member from another institution or Wooster faculty with whom you have remained in contact with)
  • Official Transcript (from institutions attended while away from Wooster)

Required if in the withdrawal letter and encouraged if applicable:

  • Letter(s) of support from employers, volunteer supervisors, medical providers, and/or faculty members, addressing readiness to return to the rigorous academic environment of Wooster

Personal Statement

As part of the readmission application all students are required to submit to the Office of the Dean of Students a personal statement which addresses the following:

  • Why you left Wooster
  • What have you been doing during your absence
  • Why you believe you are prepared to return to the rigorous academic environment of Wooster
  • What are your academic goals and aspirations
  • Provide a tentative outline of your course schedule for each semester until graduation and identify your intended major.

Transfer of Credit

  1. Only courses equivalent to courses offered at Wooster and in which a grade of “C” or better has been earned will transfer. Any exception to this policy may be made only by The College of Wooster Registrar.
  2. Pass-fail or un-graded courses will transfer with written support for “C” or better performance.
  3. One course at Wooster is equivalent to four semester hours or six quarter hours.
  4. Academic course credit received will be transferred, but only work earned at The College of Wooster will be counted toward the Wooster grade point average.

More information regarding transfer credit.

Policies or practices of the College related to academic standards and satisfactory academic progress will be considered upon return and may impact financial aid.

Academic Probation

Students on academic probation at the time of their suspension or withdrawal from Wooster, will be on probation when they return to the institution.


Students whose medical circumstances had an impact upon their ability to remain a student prior to their departure are required to follow the same readmission process as other students.. Should you require accommodations, please contact the Academic Resource Center for more information.


The Office of the Dean of Students will communicate all application decisions via the email address provided on the readmission application. When a student is approved to return to Wooster, it is important to follow the steps outlined in the readmission letter.

Financial Aid

If you are a candidate for need-based financial aid, you should file the two required aid applications: the FAFSA and the Wooster Application for Need-Based Financial Aid. The FAFSA should be completed online: The College of Wooster’s Need-Based Application is available online. Call the Wooster Office of Financial Aid if you have questions: 800-877-3688.

For submission of an application for readmission and questions:

Email completed applications to Dean of Students or call (330) 263-2545