Funding Resources for Students

Funds available for urgent student needs

  • Student Application for Additional Funding grants
  • Black Student Equity Fund
    In 2020, six Wooster students and alumni created the Black Student Equity Fund to “strengthen the support and opportunities available to Black students both inside and outside the classroom.” Since that time, alumni and friends of the College have given to this fund, granting us the ability to call for new applications this spring. Eligible purposes are broad, including and not limited to “travel and other costs associated with College-sanctioned activities such as experiential learning or off-campus study; travel for emergency personal/family purposes; assistance with necessities such as books, fees, room and board, and tuition; fees for mental health care or other health-related costs; and any other costs that may be critical for the recipients’ thriving, learning, and well-being.” Apply here for Black Student Equity Funds.
  • Women’s Advisory Board Fund
    Application is sent out from International Student Services twice a year to international students. There are two application cycles and deadlines. Contact ISS for additional details.

Funds available for student organization activities or campus events

Campus-funded fellowships and travel grants

  • Student Research
  • APEX grants & fellowships
  • CDI funds for student conference participation
  • Religious & Spiritual Life (RSL) Funding Sources
    Due to the nature of these funds, all requests for support (regardless of amount) must be directed to the Chaplain/Director of Religious & Spiritual Life for final approval. Please contact Erin Guzmán.
    • DeRose Endowment for Service Trips
      Any student seeking financial assistance in order to participate in a College-sponsored Service Trip (such as Alternative Fall or Spring Break trips offered through Religious & Spiritual Life or the Wooster Volunteer Network), may submit requests to the Chaplain/Director of RSL. Dispersal amounts will be based on need relative to the cost of the trip, and some full scholarships will be available each year.  
    • DeRose Endowment for Seminary Travel
      Any student interested in exploring seminary or theological education programs after Wooster (such as M.Div, MTS, or M.A. degree programs in Religious Studies, regardless of the student’s religious identity/tradition) may request financial assistance to subsidize travel, hotel/lodging, and food costs associated with their visit. All visits to seminaries/theological graduate programs must be discussed with the Chaplain/Director of RSL prior to scheduling so funds can be distributed accordingly. At this time, only visits to institutions within the United States are eligible for funding.
    • DeRose Endowment for Leadership and Local Service/Outreach
      Any student interested in organizing opportunities for local service/outreach (such as community engagement projects, food/clothing drives, etc.) or attending faith-based conferences focused on leadership development may request funding from the Chaplain/Director of RSL. Currently, these funds are specific to projects and opportunities focused on faith/religion and local community engagement (in/around Wooster), and any conference funding will be granted at the discretion of the Chaplain/Director of RSL following the parameters of the endowment. Please consult with the Chaplain/Director of RSL about eligibility. 

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