Fall 22 courses now available in Moodle


This is a quick note to let those teaching Fall courses that their courses are now available in Moodle.

Login process

To log in to Moodle, you MUST click the OpenID Connect button first and then follow the prompts; entering your username and password on the Moodle login page will not work. 

If you are new to Wooster (Welcome!) and are not able to log in or do not see any courses after you log in, this is most likely because your employment record has not been updated to add active faculty status. In this case, you should contact HR. 

Courses assigned to “Staff” are not visible to individual instructors/faculty. Please contact your department chair or the Registrar’s office.

Enhancements/New features

Moodle 22-23 and the Training instance of Moodle are both running Moodle version 4.0. Check out the New Features in Moodle 4 page and the Moodle Enhancements page for plug-ins we’ve added. 

The Moodle Professional Development course that Educational Technology maintains has moved to the Training instance of Moodle. We encourage you to enroll as a student. 

Course formats

The default course format is the Onetopic format. The Topics and Weekly formats in Moodle 4.0 offer some new features including collapsible/expandable topics and easier drag-and-drop editing! To find out more about course formats and how to change the course format of your course, please see our Course Formats page in the Moodle Professional Development course for information about how to get started in Moodle and links to example courses demonstrating formats. 

Using a previous version of the course

If you wish, you may use content from a prior course in your current course. For information on restoring or importing course content from another course, see our topic “Reusing Content” in the Moodle Professional Development course

To restore course content from a previous academic year’s Moodle server (accessible via the Archives link at the top of the Moodle page), you will need to create a Backup from the ‘old’ course and Restore that file to the new course.

To restore course content from a previous academic year’s Moodle server (accessible via the Archives link at the top of the Moodle page), you will need to create a Backup from the ‘old’ course and Restore that file to the new course. See Create a Backup file of a course and the Restore a course Page including our two-minute video on how to Restore a Course in Moodle 4.0

If you are restoring content from a previous year’s backup file, you will probably need to increase the file upload size allowed in your course (the default is set to 20MB) in course Settings. Please adjust back down after your successful course restore to prevent students from uploading gigantic files to Moodle. Here is the documentation: Adjust course file upload limit. 

If, after reviewing the instructions, you are uncomfortable moving materials, the Educational Technology staff is happy to import archived materials into your current course for you. This will require completing this form and will take a day or two to complete. 

Combining sections of the same course

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course or you and your colleagues teaching the same course want to share resources, you can request to have multiple sections combined into a metacourse by completing this form.

Requesting integrations with an external service

Anyone wishing to request the integration of an external tool (Perusall, Cengage, etc.) with Moodle should complete the Process for Requesting Moodle External Tool Integration.

Class Teams

A Class Team will be created once you make your Moodle course(s) visible to students. 

You can choose to make the course visible, wait a few minutes for the Class Team to be created, and hide the Moodle course again until later. A Teacher in Moodle has the Owner role in the Team and can work in the team until you “Activate” the Team to allow students access.

Happy Moodling! 

Jon, Emily, and Caitlyn, Educational Technology