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  • Introduction to Full Site Editing in WordPress

    Agenda: Introductions Workshop Overview Getting Started with FSE Deep Dive into FSE Features Building a Website with WordPress  Discussion

  • Notion for Planning and Notetaking

    Goals for workshop Key points Agenda Introduction to Notion (5 minutes) Academic Planning with Notion (20 minutes) Optimized Notes with Notion (20 minutes) Calendars with Notion (10 minutes) Q&A and Next Steps (5 minutes)  

  • Animate in OpenToonz

    Animate in OpenToonz poster

    Agenda This workshop will cover the principles of animation in OpenToonz. A laptop is required. Setting up OpenToonz is not required since the workshop will cover the installation of the software.   What is OpenToonz? Introduction to Animation Animating a bouncing ball When to use OpenToonz? Closing Workshop Evaluation  Please provide feedback on today’s workshop by completing…

  • Animate in Canva

    Featured image of a smiling sun and glowing moon for the Animate in Canva workshop.

    Learn how to create a short, advanced animated video in Canva! *Please bring your laptop and create a Canva account before the session. Agenda: 1. Introduction  2. Animate in Canva: All assets can be found searching elements (Use the free items.)  3. Create Time for Students 

  • Graphic Design in Canva Sp24

    words "Graphic Design in Canva" with colorful circles and squares

    Learn the process of designing a poster on Canva with respect to graphic design principles. After this workshop taught by Digital Media Assistant, Lina Boughton, students will leave with a better understanding of graphic design and Canva functionality. Bringing a device with Canva access, preferably a laptop, is encouraged. Setting up a Canva account prior…

  • Senior IS Formatting workshop

    Cartoon of woman sitting on stack of books with a laptop.

    This post is intended to provide guidance and resources for students using Microsoft Word to format their Independent Student thesis document to meet department guidelines. Many of the links below are to LinkedIn Learning video tutorials. Login to LinkedIn Learning using your College credentials. Learn more about LinkedIn Learning. Microsoft Word For additional support using Office…

  • Spring 2024 Student Workshops

    The Educational Technology STAs (Student Technology Assistants) are excited to announce their schedule of workshops for the SP24 semester! Not able to make a workshop? Visit the Digital Media Bar!

  • January Ed Tech Workshops for Faculty

    Two workshops & drop-in help! Educational Technology is offering two workshops (lunch included thanks to the DFD!) and a drop-in help session for faculty to get ready for Spring semester. Join us! To AI or not to AI? Demystifying the Moodle Gradebook Drop in meetings! Tuesday, January 9, 2024 2p-3:30p in Lowry 201 Have those…

  • Graphic Design in Canva

    This workshop will cover the principles of graphic design and employ them in Canva, along with additional design tips from the instructor, Lina Boughton. Students will leave with a better understanding of graphic design. A laptop is required. Setting up a Canva account prior to the workshop and bringing your own personal designs/ideas is encouraged.…

  • R-Studio for Beginners

    RStudio logo

    Agenda Commands List of commands I will use for my presentation Our R Chunks 1st Chunk library(readr)cereal_2 <- read_csv(“cereal 2.csv”)view(cereal_2) 2nd Chunk library(dplyr)cereal_2%>%filter(`mfr`== “K”)%>%filter(calories == 110)cereal_2%>%select(calories) 3rd Chunk library(ggplot2)cereal_2%>%ggplot(aes(x=calories, y=mfr))+geom_boxplot() Recording Screen capture recording of the workshop