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  • Getting Ready for the Semester

    Students Moodle courses that have been made visible by your instructor display under “My courses.” See image below for details. To tidy your list of Teams, you can hide Teams you are not actively using If your class is meeting via Teams, learn how to join a meeting in a Teams Channel Need help with […]

  • Spring 2022 Workshops for faculty and staff

    image with gold snowflakes and Spring 2022 Workshops for faculty and staff

    Educational Technology professional staff and our Microsoft training partners are facilitating sessions in January, February, and March. Read on for details. Student Technology Assistants (STAs) and professional staff are offering a series of workshops crafted mainly for students working on academic and personal digital projects but which are open to everyone. See our Spring 2022 Ed Tech Workshops post […]

  • Best Practices: Teams Setup

    Image with stylized cartoon faces and icons connected by lines around a cartoon laptop displaying the Teams icon

    Here are some suggestions and tips for when you set up your Teams. Things to Consider Before Creating a Team Who do you want to collaborate with in Teams? How will you use your Team? What is the purpose of your Team? What permissions will you give your team members? Do you already have an […]

  • Teams Meetings

    Teams meeting with video feeds in large gallery mode

    The Teams Meeting experience includes a number of features that you can use for video and audio. This post will guide you through the Teams Meeting experience. Further support See our Resources section below for guides, videos, and support pages. Top 25 Meetings Tips & Tricks video (Jan 2022) 32 minutes, but check the video’s […]

  • Videoconferencing Platform Comparison

    teams icon in lower left zoom logo in upper right

    Below is a comparison of features in Teams and Zoom. These features will be updated periodically and we encourage College employees to consult this information before requesting a Zoom Professional License to verify that Teams does not have a feature that is critical to their work. Feature Teams Zoom Meeting Basics Voice and video conferencing […]

  • Class Teams

    Microsoft Teams purple logo with white T in purple square with two purple looking figures

    What are Class Teams? Microsoft Teams is the digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place. Class Teams are one of the types of Teams that can be made in Microsoft Teams. A Class Team is automatically created for each course section from Moodle once the instructor makes the Moodle course […]

  • Microsoft Teams: Teams Types

    So you’ve decided you wanted to create a new Microsoft Team but are unsure which type of Team to select. This post (including the resources linked below) will help review the four types of Teams available including the similarities and differences between the four. Types of Teams When you create a new Team, you will […]

  • Use a Phone or Tablet as a document camera in Teams

    Flexible phone stand holding an iPhone

    You may find that you would like to annotate over a printout or use a pen and paper to write something to share with your students and either you or your students are remote. In a situation like this, you are looking to emulate the document cameras available in some rooms on campus. If you […]

  • Best Practices for Teams Meetings

    Microsoft Teams purple logo with white T in purple square with two purple looking figures

    Educational Technology is compiling a list of some best practices for when it comes to using Teams during video call meeting and more. This list will be updated frequently so be sure to check back often. If there is something that you think we should add, please let us know. Tips to Take Before a […]

  • Microsoft Teams

    screenshot of Teams interface

    Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings chat, video calls, files, and apps together in one place – all from a single experience in Microsoft 365. Any College user can create a Team. Visit our Teams Types post to compare features in the various Team types available.. Further support Visit the Teams Basics click-through guide […]