Follow Up Procedure

Within 3-4 weeks, either you or ISS should receive an I-797 Receipt Notice in your name. We will scan you a copy if we receive it. Keep this notice! This receipt notice does not mean that the application was approved. It does provide proof that the application was filed.

Check the status of your application using the receipt number on your I-797 Receipt Notice at USCIS. Note that you can only follow up after 75 days.

The EAD will come to ISS in your name. It should arrive within approximately 90 days of the notice on your I-797. We will make a copy for our records and will contact you to pick it up in person from our office or will FedEx it to you at your own expense.

ISS will not monitor your application timeline. It is up to you to contact us if you do not receive the I-797 Receipt Notice or the EAD card in a timely manner.

Once you receive your EAD card, do not keep it in your wallet. Treat it like your passport. If you lose it, you must re-file the application and pay another filing fee.

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