Transfers & SEVIS Release Procedure

Individual schools have unique requirements for academic transfers to and from their institution, but the procedures for an F-1 student to transfer between schools (or programs) are regulated by law.

Whether coming from a U.S.-based secondary school, transferring mid-program within the U.S., or going on to graduate school, an individual in F-1 status must follow these SEVIS Transfer procedures to remain in status:

  1. Notify the P/DSO at your old school about your intent to transfer. The old school will release your SEVIS record to the new school so the new school can access your record and create an I-20.
  2. If you leave the country between institutions, you must re-enter using the new school’s I-20. Be sure to keep your old I-20(s) with your permanent records and do not discard them.
  3. You may use the F-1 visa with the old school listed, as long as the dates and number of entries are valid.
  4. You will officially complete the SEVIS Transfer by reporting to the P/DSO at the new school as you register for classes there. You must report within 2 weeks of enrolling.

Transferring TO The College of Wooster

If you are transferring to The College of Wooster from a high school or another secondary institution in the U.S., you must request the transfer release from that institution to The College of Wooster.

Transferring FROM The College of Wooster Mid-Program

You must submit a SEVIS Release Form  (.pdf) to ISS and arrange an appointment in the Dean of Students Office to complete an exit interview.

You will then provide your forwarding address to the Business Office, the Campus Post Office, and ISS.

To have a transcript sent to another institution, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Attending Graduate School Directly After Graduation

The process is still called a “transfer,” and you must submit a SEVIS Release Form  (.pdf) to ISS prior to the end of your 60-day grace period.

Using OPT, Then Attending a Graduate School

You must submit a SEVIS Release Form  (.pdf) to ISS prior to the expiration of OPT. You can process the release in advance of the “release date.” You may transfer during the 60-day grace period following OPT, as long as the transfer release date occurs within the grace period.

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