Global Nomads

Global nomads are persons of any age or nationality who have lived a significant part of their developmental years in one or more countries outside their passport country because of a parent’s occupation. – Barbara Schaetti and Sheila Ramsay, 1999, The Global Nomad Experience: Living in Liminality.

For young adults who self-identify as global nomads, “home” can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. A simple question such as, “Where are you from?” might be a very difficult question to answer!

Research acknowledges a common culture for mobile young people. Global nomads often identify well with a “third” culture of mobility, and they find a sense of belonging in relationships with others who have had similar backgrounds. They have experiences, insights, and skills that are invaluable in a world struggling to manage diversity peacefully.

How can ISS help?

  • In 2017, The College of Wooster had 36 students who self-identified as a global nomad.
  • The International Student Orientation program is mandatory for all new global nomads. There are specific parts of this program dedicated to the needs of global nomads.
  • Come visit us to get more information about some of the issues you will encounter as you transition to the USA, such as insurance, taxes, and voting.