International Student Alumni Network

The International Student Alumni Network (ISAN) is an informal group of current and former international students and friends at The College of Wooster. The group is maintained collaboratively by ISS and the Office of Alumni Relations.

  • ISS Contact – Jull Munroe
  • OAR Contact – Landre McCloud

Membership is open to all former international students of The college, current international students, any US alumni living overseas, and to any individual who supports the goals and purpose of the Network.

The mission of ISAN is to ensure a vibrant international presence at Wooster and to provide networking opportunities for current and past Wooster students. 

How Can You Help Us Achieve This Mission?

Gifts of Time

  • Host admissions, recruiting, or pre-departure events in your hometown, coordinated through the ISAN contacts
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities for students, such as internships and career opportunities, coordinated through APEX
  • Participate in (or organize) Scots in Service events in your town, coordinated through the Office of Alumni Relations
  • If in the Wooster area, serve as a Host Family for a current student , coordinated by ISS.

Financial Gifts

All financial gifts are coordinated by the Office of Development and Alumni Relations.*

Here are some ways you could give financially:

Memorial trees on The College of Wooster campus, coordinated through ISS, the Office of Development, and Campus Grounds *

Why Wooster? An International Perspective